Christmas Eve.

So, the big day is nearly upon us, I finally got a chance to make some progress yesterday as the girl’s went to Mousehole with their Grandparents to see the christmas lights and to watch a play.

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I had planned to be much more organised this year and to have everything sorted by the end of November, so December could be spent doing lovely crafts, hand making the girl’s gifts, but Nancy’s recovery from her op was much more traumatic and tiring than I expected, then as she went back to school for the last week of term her younger sister broke her elbow in a freak Christmas stocking skiing accident. Never a dull day here I can tell you! So all plans went tits up and I decided to just accept that that’s the way it goes sometimes, no one else was putting pressure on me, just my task master self.
Last night I did nearly all the wrapping, sat by the fire, attempting to find the festive feeling…

I’ve mostly used the lovely free wrapping paper from Baba Souk, mentioned in my previous blog post. My husband is a printer and he did me a few big rolls of these 2. I recycled a piece of wrapping paper that I previously had up in the kitchen as a poster, to make gift tags, as well as some offcuts of Miss Print’s mountain wallpaper.

A few weeks ago I did manage to make some tree decorations with Nancy, when she was feeling up to it. The cornflour dough mix was a big lash up, but I managed to kind of save it. It was super dry and a bit tricky to work with, but we persevered. The plan was different sized stars, but when the Moomin cookie cutters came out we both knew it had to be done.

Oh and a whale or 2 for good measure..

The tree is very simply decorated this year, some may say a little sparse, but we love it. The tree itself is a beauty, if you haven’t already take a look at the day we chose it here.

My favourite decoration this year is this beautifully simple wreath which Nancy made at school. She added my Lucy Levenson fairy and I stop and smile at each each time I pass her.

I made 2 wreaths myself, one was a contemporary copper hoop with eucalyptus which was created in a spare 10 minutes before I had to collect the girls from school..

And this little 5 minute make, created when some friends came over for a wreath making evening, fuelled by wine, naturally.

These lovely little golden stars on wire crop up all over the house and are a total bargain, bought from eBay. I have them strung across the ceilings, here wrapped around a willow wreath, next year I think I will use them on the tree, simple, rather roughly made but I think that’s part of their charm and did I mention cheap!

We visited the main man himself on Thursday, at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Nancy got to give him her wish list to him in person, which he opened and read allowed and to see the children’s faces, totally captivated by this jolly fellow, it really lifted me out of what had been a pretty stressful, miserable morning.

So Father Christmas took the wish lists into consideration and also added in a few bits he felt each of the girls would enjoy, he’s kind like that.

He’s also got great taste in wrapping paper, love these pretties from Asda.

Check out my fab new mountain cushions, best ever Secret Santa thanks to good friend Betty Backstitch ❤

So there we are, looking back over this post I’ve actually achieved more than I have given myself credit for! After an evening of me baking, the girls crafting and arguing and listening to carols, then The Snowman on Classical FM one is asleep, the other putting up a fight but soon to give in I’m sure.

I’m excited for the morning, but for now there’s a glass of bubbly with my name on it.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone xxx

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