New Year…

Happy New Year to you all! 

We had a very quiet evening, the girls were in bed by their normal time, then Stu and I stayed up having drinks and listening to music. Very simple, but very nice.

January has started for me with a heavy head but overall I’m feeling positive about what’s to come. I’ve decided making resolutions doesn’t work, for me at least, instead I’m just going to try my best to be happier, calmer and more contented. I also plan to finish all ongoing projects BEFORE starting anything new. Trouble is I have quite a few of those part done things stacked up, both girl’s rooms are in the process of change, but I’ve been waiting for an opportune moment to get my Breaking Bad gear on (see the other blog post I mention shortly for visual aid, if you don’t remember!) and spray paint the metalwork for their new shelves. Flash back to Just call me Banksy, a blog post that seems like a lifetime ago now. I’m very excited about these shelves though, I hope they live up to my expectations. But that brings me to another New Years change of view point. Lower expectations, for myself really. I’m my own worst enermy and need to be kinder on me.

Eula’s wardrobe has sat half finished for several weeks, after an unexpected battle with woodworm I was lacking inspiration for finishing touches, until a friend sent me some Rachel Powell wallpaper samples, now it feels very obvious what direction I need to go in..

The yellow Woodstock paper is perfect with the 80’s bridesmaid apricot colour of the wardrobe and it would be a nice surprise touch to have a pop of the same colour as the Yoko print when you open the door.

The wardrobe in Nancy’s room (which Eula currently spends a lot of her time in as he room is so chaotic), was going to get a paint job, but actually I love it as is, so that just needs shelves inside, so it can become her new toy storage.

Speaking of toys, the beautiful wooden doll’s house I won on eBay for 99p is going down very well as new accommodation for the Schleich animals. I was going to decorate it, but I’m just not sure now, I love it’s raw charm. But there’s no hurry anyhow.

There are pictures to be hung, though actually I have no idea where most of these will go. I don’t want to overcrowd the walls, expanses of bare white is what helps to make small spaces seem bigger, I can’t stand it being overly fussy.

My other ongoing project and probably the most important is me. I haven’t been looking after myself as well as I could have the past year or 3. I have been over eating, under exercising, staying up too late and drinking too much wine, too often. In order to feel better about myself and therefore be a better mother, wife and friend I need to work on myself too, eat healthier, think healthier and be more active. I have reached a crescendo of ill treatment towards myself, emotionally and physically and it needs to stop. A healthy body and mind will get me much closer to happiness than cushions and wall colours.

Anyway, what plans have you made? What projects are you looking forward to? I love to hear about the exciting things you have lined up.

The cardboard Hobbycraft Igloo have proven very popular and has recently transformed into a rocket thanks to two small people’s big imaginations..

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  1. Kay says:

    I agree with your comments about New Year resolutions. I like to think that personal change is a gentle, on-going, non-threatening journey.
    My only hard challenge is to give up sugar. In the same way that you feel the need to look after yourself, I know I need, absolutely NEED, to stop taking the white poison as food.
    The dolls house is cute. It does look beautiful as is. I had another(!) new dolls house for Christmas and I’ve decided to decorate in a sixties style. I’ve already ordered some beautiful retro wallpapers from a dear little internet company that specialises in vintage wallpapers, carpets & Lino.

    1. Thanks Kay, good luck with your next project x

  2. Wow, love the eBay bargain. We are stuck with a pink dolls house as all the none pink ones were out of our budget. I’m not a fan of pink but after 3 and a half years of having a daughter (and now 2) it’s starting to creep in! Why do all affordable dolls toys have to be pink?
    Love the igloo, wish we had room!

    I’m with you on the resolutions front but like you I do need to start taking care of myself too.

    1. The pink thing annoys me too, if there is any other colour option I will choose that. But we do have pink toys around, the girls love anything naff and tacky! But I like to have a balance and talk with them about how anyone can like any colour and any toy, girls like blue and boys like pink and everything in the middle 😆

  3. mummylimited says:

    I am so jealous of that dolls house! How amazing. 99p! Your NYE sounds lovely and similar to ours. Unfortunately we have kids that always wake at 6am regardless of bedtime, so no way they’re staying up.
    I feel I’m always in a state of making resolutions. All year round 🙂

    1. Hahaha, Nancy has become an even earlier riser so there was no way she was staying up til 12, she’d have given it a good go though!
      Happy New Year x

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