Beating the boredom, discovering new favourite places..

So, up until today my overwhelming feelings about 2017 so far has been boredom. I realise we’re only 6 days in, but hey, that’s me!

But today has broken that mood, I’ve had such a lovely day with Eula and our friends and I wanted to share this beautiful place we visited for the first time. I’m sure it’s no hidden secret, but I just get so excited when I discover new to us places in the county and what a fab place this is!

My friend Jo asked me last night if I wanted to go swimming today, Fred her son is one of Eula’s besties, so I knew she would be super excited about it, but the thought of getting into a swimming costume made me feel rather sick, lets just say I’m not in tip top shape right now. But I buried the boring voice inside me deep down, the one telling me all the chores I should be doing, that it would be safer keeping that suit hidden, stuffed right at the back of the cupboard and I’m so glad I did, as Jo suggest The Park

One word, LUSH!

I clocked the Ercol coffee table the second I stepped in the door!

Swimming wasn’t as traumatic as I thought, the costume went on, the world didn’t end! I even managed a few minutes in the Sauna + steam room and once I’d squeezed my clammy body back into my skinny jeans (who’s idea was it to wear those, idiot!) it was lunch time. They have a deal on at the moment, pay £6 to swim and you get a £5 voucher back to put towards lunch.

And here’s the setting..

Look at all the freaking beautiful vintage chairs. I was trying to figure out how to smuggle some out the door but sadly it wasn’t possible. I will be ebaying this evening as I had a fancy for a lovely vintage cocktail/ nursing chair, but can’t stretch to how much they go for, something like this is a little more reasonable.

The food was delish (aubergine fritta and crispy squid), the brownie that I REALLY shouldn’t have had (went back to Chub Club this week) was so worth it, made even more yummy by the fact it was a treat, worthy of the occasion, as opposed to the mountains of crap I have put into my body the past few months (or more if I’m honest)..

Just off the cafe was a little Roo’s Beach popup shop type thing, full of beautiful, colourful goodies, wow did I want EVERYTHING!!

Notice the name on the back of the necklace packaging? Ok, so it’s spelt a little differently to my surname, but I still saw it as a sign!

Aren’t these blankets utterly delicious, the colours are even more beautiful in real life and I think they are a really good price for a pure wool throw, approx £49. I’ve mentally added them to my one day list.

There was a selection of Meri Meri goodies and I totally fell for the Hello necklace and the cactus brooches, but I put my sensible hat on…and only bought the necklace! If you haven’t already checked out their stuff you really should, totally lovely, happy, fun pretties galore!

Once eating and shopping was done, out we went so the smalls could have a play. The Park describe themselves as a

“Secret huddle of distinctively chic, self-catering homes, hidden in a tranquil valley garden..”

and they’re not far out, look at the Airstream caravans..

How much do I wish I owned one of those shiny beauties!

Inspiration for our wood clad porch that will hopefully happen this year, I need a wood tone that would sit comfortably next to red brick. I think this could work…

Wow, I realise there are a lot of photos going on here, ha! But isn’t it all just a bit fab?

I’m totally in love with these fences, the rough uneven bark creates a very tactile, pleasing surface, I found them really inspiring and want to look into it more. I’d like to think it’s a good way of using what may be a byproduct of processing timber for building with, so therefore maybe not too expensive, but I’m sure I’ll find out it’s £££!

All this is just up the valley from this beautiful beach…

Sadly the weather wasn’t quite as glorious as the day I took this photo, I was visiting the Bedruthan Steps Hotel for their Modern Makers fair, you can see more of that here.

So there we are, a far from boring day, it didn’t break the bank and now I have a new place to visit, which is exciting.
Maybe this will give you ideas for a holiday if you don’t live locally, if you are in Cornwall clearly it is well worth a visit.
Oh, here’s a funny coincidental tale, as I was leaving I was thinking to myself I really must tell my brother and SIL about this place, they’d love it. Walk to the car, get an odd feeling, turn around, who should be there staring at me from their van? Only my bloody brother!! Turns out he’s done most of the plumbing work on the site so he’s well aware of it’s existence, but what are the chances that on the first time I visit he happens to be there (he works all over the county) and happened to drive past at the one moment that he would have seen me?!

Does this kind of freaky goings on happen for others? I spend half my life in deja-vu and marvelling at random coincidences!

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  1. Jane Wheeler says:

    Great post Alice. I don’t this find of yours but Im going to be checking it out in April for sure.

    1. I’ll come!

  2. Anna George says:

    Hi Alice. I’m loving your posts! I’ve been following you on instagram for a while and have just twigged that our husband’s are cousin’s. My hubby James is Aunty Maureens son. My little girl was trying on a hat Maureen was knitting for your daughter before Christmas and the pieces fell into place. ( can I still blame baby brain when Isla is 3 and a half?) We’ve planning a holiday in Cornwall in August and will definitely be visiting some of the place you mentioned. It’s truly a beautiful place and I can wait to explore with our tribe of childen.

    1. Hi Anna, wow, small world! I met James a few years ago at Aunty Nancy’s funeral I think. Thank you for following me, oh I have baby brain and I don’t think i’ll ever recover!
      Yay for a holiday to look forward to, very envious of that 😆

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