A day of nothing.

Today the girls are learning an important life lesson, sometimes you just stay home and do nothing. 

“What, nothing, no plans at all?!” Nancy declared incredulously this morning, a look of disgust on her face.

“Yep. Nothing.”

They’re a bit spoilt with entertainment to be honest, it’s quite often much easier to be out than home with the 2 of them, it depends on what mood they wake up in, plus living in Cornwall we really are surrounded by gorgeous, exciting entertainment in the form of the beach, the woods, beautiful gardens and National Trust houses.

But not today. The morning started with tears, Nancy is going through some problems at school and I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that this is her whole world and the smallest of things are of huge importance to her.

A huge meltdown at bedtime last night turned out to be about worries left over from the day, events between friends and her confusion over how unclear and how unfair the big world can be. Her sleep is messed up since her operation she’s started wetting the bed again after over half a year dry. We’re all a bit fraught.

Tears were fixed and on we went, I was still determined to not leave the house though, I’m just not wanting to experience the outside world, perhaps it’s because of very recent international events, who knows.

But of course, staying at home doesn’t mean nothing happens at all.

This parcel arrived, the delivery man asked if I would please tell him what it was, it had been bugging him and his money was on it being a prosthetic leg!

He was rather disappointed when I explained they were vintage table legs. I however was excited, I sold Nancy and Eula’s little school desk a week or 2 ago, as it wasn’t big enough and we’ve been a little lost without it.

I made a quick mockup of how the new table will look, using an old piece of battered ply. I’m so happy with the size and look. The legs are from an old Esavian school table, they’re in need of a sand but I just love the curved shape od the plywood. I’ll write a more detailed post once it’s finished. 

The girls have been playing lots of games that involved filling bags up and moving it all to other rooms, this is one of my favourite types of game, I just love discovering a million and one ‘things’ stashed under my bed, or hidden in the cupboard under the stairs. I tried suggesting they perhaps packed a little lighter, but they were off to Paris apparently and you need EVERYTHING in Paris as “they don’t have things”?!?

A lovely friend popped by for a coffee and to drop off the Ladderax shelving I bought from her. I’m so excited to finally own some, I’m not entirely sure Stu will share my excitement when he gets home from work! I plan to spray the metalwork white, as it will fit better with the kitchen this way. Some may argue this is sacrilege, but who cares, it’s my house!

It will slightly resemble the colouring/ feel of this lovely String shelving, hopefully! –

Picture credit – http://www.sfgirlbybay.com

I’ve been pottering with my plants too, a spot of dead heading and urging the 2 little drowned Money Plants I rescued from a shop for 50p to dry out a bit and not rot away and be sad, I think they’re going to be ok.

I need to repot them so they’re not in plastic, I want to have a go at making my own concrete pots, but I just love how the green totally pops against the wood. This is a piece I brought back from my cousin’s wedding in October, they used them on each table as part of the centre pieces and I nabbed one for myself. The bark has come off, but I like how sitting the plants on something stops it feeling so cluttered and gives everything a sense of place.

Do you like the wooden bead pot stand I made? I’m quite in love with it and plan to make lots more, I will possibly be making some to sell too, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

We’re all watching Sleeping Beauty now and then it will probably be Porridge and a multivitamin for dinner, that’s a balanced meal right? 

Oh and here’s our favourite book of the day, it’s totally beautiful and ties in wondefully with Nancy and Eula’s love of animals…the illustrations are so detailed and interesting.

There you have it, not quite a day of nothing after all!

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  1. Louise says:

    Oh my girls love that game too, it’s… fun 😐
    I love your blog but I’ve just started decorating my house so I’ve been especially stalking it for inspo recently! Your house is so gorgeous X

    1. Glad it isn’t just mine then Louise! Awww, thank you, good luck with the decorating!

  2. My 3 year old loves that game too. I feel like I spend half my time returning things to the right room. That bok looks like one we would enjoy. I love the plants. I seem to kill succulents. Love the shelves and think they will be great painted white.

  3. lindyzubairy says:

    I love the bead pot stand. And you are right, having a little ‘tray’ on which to stand the disparate plants DOES seem to stop it from looking cluttered. Good idea. You really are inspiring.

    1. Thank you xx

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