Happy things…

Hello lovelies, it’s been a little while longer than planned since my last post, I had hoped to be sharing Eula’s finished room with you by now, or even perhaps Nancy’s, but I’ve been fighting various bugs and exhaustion for what seems like forever and all projects have ground to a halt.

I just wanted to stop by quickly to share 2 things that have made me smile today.

The first is a chair…

This vintage chair (the green one) was the first piece of furniture I ever owned, I won it in a very lucky coin toss between myself and my cousin, I was about 9. The chair has lived at my parents ever since that day, for the most part in my Dad’s studio in the garden, where I am told he has taken many a comfy nap, when really he had meant to get on with one project or another.

This is THE comfiest chair I’ve ever parked my bottom on. I’ve never had the room for it and to be honest, as much I love the story behind it and appreciate the classic design, it just isn’t really me. My Dad decided it was time for it to come back to me, so that he may perhaps get more done when out in the studio…
Here’s some of his beautiful paintings…

And I decided that a story isn’t enough to make you keep something, the story remains, but it would become a bit of a burden in our house, I don’t like feeling tied to something because I ‘should’ love it, when really I don’t, so today the chair was sold for a penny or two which will allow me to push on with changes to our bedroom, things I couldn’t afford before. I love how you can recycle quality, well made pieces, furniture/ accessorise, collect, sell on, fund new interests and keep things moving forward. I have no regrets, I think my Dad will miss it more than me, but he will also enjoy the new found space too. This chair will go on to make a new person very happy now.
The second happy thing today was an exciting parcel that arrived, not for me, but for Eula..

You can see her opening her parcel over on my Instagram Stories..

When I see Rachel Powell’s beautiful and fun packaging I always get excited, everyone loves a sticker, young or old and Eula is now recognising her own name so to find it on a giant parcel, well her head almost exploded!

Inside was the most beautiful bedding AND a little matching bag which was straightaway given the role of baby sling..

You’d have thought I’d asked her to pose wouldn’t you, I honestly hadn’t!

I’m so excited to use this new bedding on Eula’s bed that Stu has made and to finally share with you, I’m hoping it won’t be long now, so stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday xx

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