Beautiful bedding, books and lie ins. Bohemian modern inspired bedroom plans…

So in typical me style I didn’t really stick to my self imposed new year rule of finish what you’ve started before jumping forward to the next project. I suddenly woke up one day and our bedroom wasn’t working for me, I crave neutral pastel putty tones, white walls, linen bedding, a bohemian modern makeover.

But all this will be happening on the teeniest budget, I’ve been doing my usual of selling on anything that doesn’t have longterm love attached to it, better to just surround yourself with things that inspire and raise you up, otherwise belongings are just things, taking up space, needing to be cleaned…bringing you down.

Here’s how it was…

Nothing wrong really, but I found it all quite jarring, too much colour, the Farrow&Ball Green Ground wall colour, left over from when this was Nancy’s room as a toddler, never sat well with me, but at the time I couldn’t justify repainting. The duvet cover just isn’t truly me, I desperately want to simplify things.

Here’s some of my inspiration, more can be found on my Pinterest.. 

This was my initial quick mood board, we already have the IKEA Stockholm mirror..

And also the light grey, slubby weave curtains from Dunelm Mill. I recently bought the 2 wall hangings from La Redoute, funded by selling some of the art from this room, but unfortunately the large plain Macrame one was too big for our house. The ceiling heights aren’t that wonderful, well, they’re standard, but I can never get my dreams of super high ceilings, devoid of artex, original picture rails and ceiling roses out of my head, and this massively affects what and where things can go on the walls.

This lovely is perfect though, enough colour to bring interest and focus, but not too overpowering.

Photo sources – please see my Pinterest board

The look I’m going for is all about layering textures and complimentary tones. This creates an inviting and snuggly feel, but it will take time to accumulate the right accessorise, time and money.

Initially I will save money by making do with the bed we currently have, my husband made it, its definitely function over fashion, but has been a total lifesaver with 2 young children. I have no idea what offical size bed it would equate to, but it’s a single and a double together, so more than enough room for the little wriggly nighttime visitors when they scamper in. Eventually I hope to replace it with something free standing and more beautiful, which would allow access on both sides and make what isn’t the largest of rooms feel a little less cramped.

This beautiful oak framed lovely from Argos would do very nicely, it’s on offer at the moment and I’ve been informed by my lovely friends over at Housfolk that you can get an extra 20% off with the code FURN20..

But for now ours serves it’s purpose and I must put thoughts of spending out of my mind, sob!

Photo credit –

Linen bedding isn’t cheap and as our bed is so big at the moment and we have 2 double duvets, it’s proving too expensive to buy 2x double duvet sets, so I may make do with plain grey jersey for now, with Linen accessorise such as cushions and a large flat sheet to drape over the top.

Photo source – H&M

H&M have some decently priced linen bedding, as do La Redoute. I will be buying some cushions from H&M to plonk here and there, extra cushions, my husband’s absolute favourite thing Hahaha!
Right, well there’s a little taster of where I would like things to be heading in there. I dream of lie ins and reading a book lounging in a glorious bed of throws and cushions, breakfast being brought to me and I’m just certain this will magically happen after this little makeover!! 

I hope to start painting next week, that will make a huge difference. That said it has just dawned on me that next week is half term, so I will have 2 small people around. Perhaps painting will happen the following week.

Happy weekend x

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