Hello lovely people…

Oh look, it’s been a while, again!

We’ve been busy being ill, multiple ailments one after other and then there was half term, which I was dreading as I’ve been so exhausted, but we slowed everything down, made very few plans and actually it was just what we all needed.

We stayed home a lot, went for a few walks and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Here the girls are exploring the old China Clay works at Wheal Arthur….stripped off half naked on a surprisingly mild February day, running races back and forth on moss covered drying pans, delighting in how well nature has reclaimed the surroundings.

We’ve been plodding on with little jobs around the house, today Stu fitted the sink in the downstairs loo, so finally the children (and Stu actually) can stop flooding the kitchen worktop every time they wash their hands.

I am so in love with my vintage lockers which have finally made this side of the kitchen feel ‘right’, providing brilliant storage for all my big bowls, plates, jugs…all the things that have been stacked awkwardly in the hall cupboard for some time. I’ll share more pictures of this soon.

I’m a little obsessed with wooden beads at the moment, some of you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram or over on my Facebook page.

Last night I released a limited number of wooden bead trivets for sale and they were more popular than I could have hoped for, thank you if you bought one. I have a few smaller available and will be making some more large once I have more beads. Please contact me via my Facebook page if you’re interested.

Bargain alert, I found these blankets in Poundland today, funnily enough they were £1 each!

They’re approx 124cm x 81cm, slubby and kinda lovely I think. I’m picturing chucking one in my bag for when we’re at the park/ beach in the summer, for the girls to picnic on, or as an emergency towel for when they decide to go for an impromptu river swim.

I’m not going to lie, they’re not the softest of things, perhaps a wash will do them some good, but they’ll serve their purpose well I’m sure.

They’d also be great cut up to make tea towels, or maybe cushions..

I woke in a really good mood today, that hasn’t happened in a while if I’m honest. I’ve been productive and enjoyed some child free hours (maybe the source of said good mood?!!)

I’m trying to take better care of myself, lose a fair bit of weight and regain my identity, as I feel I have lost my way this past year when it comes to my body and mind. I’ve been doing some soul searching these past few weeks and am gradually working myself out, I think.

I’m a work in progress.
So there, a bit of a brain splurge, the longer I go without posting here the harder it seems sometimes.

Happy Thursday people x

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