Stuff, stuff, stuff. Is Minimalism for me?

I’m pretty good, pretty ruthless with ‘stuff’ or I like to think I am. Out it goes, sold on, donated or recycled if it isn’t doing it’s job, isn’t bringing me or someone in the family happiness…

I buy. A. Lot.

I tell myself it’s ok, ok to try things out, test out ideas, give it a go. Which isn’t wrong, things are ok, it’s ok to enjoy nice ‘stuff’, but really I think it’s an excuse I tell myself, to allow the shopping to take place. And the shopping happens as a result of me being in a low mood, maybe trying to fill a space that isn’t a lack of a material thing, more likely an emotional one.

It’s also important to take note of the ‘things’ that aren’t pretty, decorative…

What about shampoos, cleaning products…pants (trust me, my pants are neither pretty nor decorative!!)

Emails, one day lists, paperwork…

All of this can contribute to making life feel pretty full up, cluttered and chaotic.

One of the lovely ladies I follow and interact with through social Media, Catherine Caton, has recently thrown herself into minimalism and it’s quite inspiring. 

It isn’t just about creating a tidy, more manageable home, though that would be wonderful, it’s about decluttering your mind too, finding more space to listen to yourself, to grow ideas and find what truly makes you happy. Friendships, creating time for your family, finding what makes your life the best it can be.

So, inspired by Catherine, I took a leap this afternoon and started listening to my first ever Podcast…I’m listening to it right now as I write here…

The Minimalists Podcast | 001 | Declutter,

A lot of points are ringing very true for me. I won’t pass my full judgement yet, as that wouldn’t be possible so early on, but I feel excited and inspired, even if it turns out The Minimalists aren’t for me, I feel going deeper into this theory could be really beneficial for me.

I don’t feel i’m leading the best life I could, I don’t think many of us do, but I also don’t think i’m doing enough to move myself closer to being my best me. 

I spend too much time online, scrolling social media, sometimes I create the feeling of being too busy, having too much to do, but if I could make myself take a step back, perhaps I might realise some of these things are less important than I think, my priorities aren’t always in the right order.

Small steps or big steps, I’m putting no pressure on myself, but I like to think in a months time I will feel I have edged a little closer to being more clear, what ever that ends up meaning to me.

Are you doing something similar at the moment? If so I’d love to hear from you.

Maybe you’re a year down the line, is your life any different.

How do you order your world?


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  1. Jo says:

    Big hugs Alice. Been feeling this same way recently too. Ive been taking stock of lots of things. Realising what is important to YOU is really hard, especially when things change not necessarily through choice. I’ve pulled back on lots of things (friends, volunteering, activities etc) so I can see what I want. I think less is more in terms of material stuff (I need to seriously work on this 😂) and good friends. After all we’re not going to lye on our death bed wishing we had bought more ‘stuff’ and spent time with people who really weren’t invested in spending time with us. Finding ‘your’ people is much more difficult than it used to be isn’t it 😭

    1. I totally agree Jo. Change needs to happen now.

  2. CarlaY says:

    I totally feel what you are saying, I’m at a point where I know I love stuff, but maybe it’s time to streamline and try a change, like you say maybe minimalism won’t be for me, but there’s no harm in trying… I’m starting next week -with the wardrobes!

    1. Go got it Carla. I have already mostly done all our excess in the obvious things, but I need to push myself deeper and think about all aspects of life.

  3. the2gsandme says:

    I’ve recently moved house which made me assess the stuff we had and although I’m a tidy person and not a hoarder I was surprised by how much I got rid of either charity shops or selling it. Now everything is easier to clean and tidy and put away. Now I know I need to move onto the buying less.. I get an idea – usually through others on instagram and get obsessed about it, spending hours searching and finding the perfect thing . Once I get it I am happy but it’s a temporary fix and I quickly move on to the next thing! I really need to calm down as I am exhausting myself! I am setting myself a challenge for the next 4 weeks (was pay day yesterday!) to buy nothing! I don’t think I’ve done this for some time (years!)

    1. Good luck to you! I’m the same, it’s usually just a quick fix. It’s difficult for me to say right, nothing for a month or so as we forever have a project on the go. But when does it stop!

  4. I know what you mean! I moved house 8 days ago & it was stressful. I knew we had a lot of stuff… I say we I mean me!
    So the past 7 days have meant I needed to be strong & have a word with myself. I want the new house to be as minimalistic as possible ( family of 5 plus 2 dogs … I’m not sure if it’s do-able!) So I put my brave pants on & I have binned/recycled/donated old paperwork, baby clothes, makeup, household items, toys etc. I find when the house is cluttered so is my brain. I feel more open & clearer once the house is all nice & clean/tidy.
    I have a vision for the house as what I would like so for that too happen I need to be strong & just get rid of stuff we just don’t need or use.

    1. Absolutely, as I said in the post generally I am pretty ruthless, but I need to go deeper than that I think.

  5. Jane says:

    I’ve been listening the the Minimalists podcasts for the past year now and barely buy anything. It’s made me even want to move to a smaller home like the tiny house movements! Good luck – it made me aware of why I used to shop and I now know that I’m not defined by what I have and own but who I am. It’s a hard one to crack xx

    1. Absolutely, it will take time and I’m not saying I’m not going to buy things, but eventually I want to get to a satisfaction with life in general point.

  6. Catherine Shorter says:

    I have recently joined a Kon Mari Facebook group. Kon Mari is a decluttering method where you are ruthless and discard items that do not ‘spark joy’. I am generally tidy anyway but I know that I only wear a quarter of my wardrobe for example! Am looking forward to a more streamlined and tranquil life 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Catherine. I flirted with KM last year but it didn’t suit me at the time. I may go back to it, but I think also I like the idea of formulating my own recipe for change 😆

  7. Christa says:

    Did you watch the Minimalism documentary? It features the guys from that podcast, as well as others. It’s on Netflix – highly recommended!

    1. I haven’t watched it no Christa, I will check it out x

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