Picture framing life hack.

Isn’t it bloody infuriating when you’re trying to frame a nice print, you give the glass a good wipe to get rid of any marks/ dust, pop the print in, do it all up, flip it over and THERE ARE RUDDY SPLINTERS OF WOOD AND BITS AND PIECES STILL STUCK IN THERE!!

So you do it again, unbend the little bits of metal on the back, with your finger, even though it hurts, take it all out, wipe it over again, put it back in, being very careful not to even breathe for fear of air born flecks finding their way back onto the glass. You seal it all up again, you forgot to check before bending down those little painful bits of metal once more, because SURELY this time you got it all. Turn it over, inspect your handiwork, finally you can get this pretty up on the wall….
But no, you’ve just noticed one lone, rogue molecule of dirt, sat there, mocking you. But you give up, who’s going to notice anyway right?

I notice. 

I sit at the table eating dinner , looking at the pictures on the wall and all I can see are the flecks of dust that got away!

But not anymore…

Behold, the fun and exciting gift the girls bought for Stu for Father’s Day last year. A Karcher Window Vac.

Stu doesn’t like gifts, hates them in fact, he thinks they’re a waste of money, but I wanted this for myself, so you can see what I did there can’t you! We have a lot of windows in our house, since the extension was built and having had a go with one of these at my parents I knew it would change my life!

Here’s the ad if you’re interested, this isn’t a sponsored post by the way, I just like to spread the word when something makes my life easier.
It occurred to me the other day that the glass in a frame is exactly the same as the glass in a window. So it should be treated the same.

Up it sucks any and every little speck of dirt, in seconds (I did give the glass a spray with glass cleaner prior to this) and sorted, pictures done and ready to put up. Definitely a handy bit of kit to have around the house. We suffer from condensation on our bedroom window, it desperately needs replacing but we can’t afford it right now, so this window vac is quick and easy for remedying that too.

You can buy these prints from Seventy Tree and Rachel Powell

The frames were from Dunelm.

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