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As the weather improves, slowly, day by day, my thoughts again turn more and more towards the garden. Stu and I have had many ‘conversations’ (read arguments!) in the last 5 months or so about what we want for the garden, we haven’t seen eye to eye on many points, but I feel we have almost reached a unanimous agreement, meaning hopefully ideas and imaginings can become reality.

Here’s some current reality for you –

Our hope is to create something that requires minimal upkeep, I want to come out and potter little and often, but I know I am no Monty Don, so most of the planting will be along the lines of grasses, bamboo, some hardy succulents and a small amount of lawn. I do however want to include some flowering plants that the bees would like, I’m thinking along the lines of Lavender, Rosemary, Agapanthus, Alliums…

We want to better define areas, creating a sense of continuity, to encourage you to wander over to one area or another, but all the while remembering that we have 2 children who we want to enjoy the space as well. The sad little shed will go, opening up a previously unusable corner of the garden which is really exciting. Don’t tell my husband but I hope to extend the garden room in the future.

I’m desperate to get started out there, but we need to properly plan positions and sizes of key details first, so for now I will just share some more of my ideas and inspiration with you.

Here is my current Pinterest inspiration, links to photo sources can be found on my Garden album here.

Currently the boundaries of the garden are blurred, discoloured wood here, wall there, I would like to frame the garden by using a dark colour, dark grey or even possibly black, improving the fencing, making a feature of the beautiful boundary wall but also adding in some more height.

Source – Adam Robinson Design

Shades of green look absolutely beautiful against a dark background and it will weather better, something I am keen to consider, practicality, as I don’t want to be repainting each year.

We’ve gone back and forth between decking, paving slabs or maybe chippings for the dining area, in the corner of the garden out from the extension, but have settled on a plan to pour concrete slabs, with small gaps between which will be filled with pebbles and succulents/moss..

Sources – Pinterest

Other inspiration, added extras I would like to include…

I absolutely love Silver Birch and am thinking I would like a reasonably established tree for my birthday this year, after all, I will be entering a whole new decade..

I would absolutely love some kind of work top/ bench, a place to repot plants, store kindling, store away tools..
Source – Gardenista

Source – Founterior

So there we are, some ponderings and lovely visuals to get the green fingers tingling.

With the Easter holidays upon us I am hoping we may get out there and at least mark out the ground in readiness, but my main focus is lots of fun with the girls.

Our garden budget is approx £0 so everything and anything that we can do ourselves, source second hand, knock up and call in favours then we will…I’m confident that we can do this on minimal funds, it will just take more thought and care.

Do you have garden plans of your own? Perhaps you recently over hauled your space and would like to share? I’d love to hear/ see what you’ve been up to.

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  1. Enjoyed this post. We are so on the same page style wise that when I saw your current garden (which has charm as it is but definite potential) I inmdiately thought of images I’d pinned on pinterest for my own planned garden. ..only to see you had the very same images in mind further down your post!

    It’ll look great I’m sure. Out of interest what further extension plans do you have!

    1. Thank you very much 😆 My extension plans are for the garden room/ she Shed, I want it to fill the corner where the shed was x

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