Minimalist bedroom makeover.

The title of this blog post says makeOVER, but I think makeUNDER would be a more accurate description. This room was ‘done’ before, but it really didn’t represent what I wanted from our bedroom, I’m not entirely sure how it ended up as it did, but I wanted change.

It wasn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination, in fact most of the elements individually were lovely, but collectively it felt too busy, too awake and bright and too full of pattern. There will be many who will prefer the before i’m sure, but by stripping back all colour and inanimate objects, left behind is a space that calms me, that encourages me to rest and reflect. It is by no means ‘finished’, that’s something I’m not that good at in my own home, it’s a constant ongoing project, but I wanted to share with you where I’m at now. 

First things first, our bed. We have 2 young girls, 5 and 3, when my babies were born I went with what felt natural to me and coslept with them from birth, this meant everyone got as much sleep as is humanly possible when a baby is added to the equation, it also made breastfeeding easier and really I just loved snuggling my little creations. To start with Stu would often sleep in the spare room or at points I slept in the children’s rooms, if they were particularly fussy…but this got boring, so the solution was a big giant family bed. This bed was made for free, from pallets and has a single and a double mattress together. My husband has the single mattress side, I have the double, it’s lovely to be in the same room all together, but to also have your own space and more importantly your own duvet! Over time the girls transitioned into their own rooms and for the majority of the time I now get a whole double bed to myself, SCORE! 
I used to feel a bit sad that I didn’t have a beautiful bed, one with sexy legs, room to walk down both sides, bedside tables (our room isn’t large and 3/4s of it is taken up by the bed), but then I realised something, what is a bedroom actually for? Sleeping, relaxing in, so why would I need floor space over all that room to lounge about? I’ve totally embraced it now.

I dreamed of having mountains of gorgeous linen bedding, but knew in reality the cost would be prohibitave at the moment, so in the end I went for cotton jersey duvet covers/ sheets and pillow cases from Asda of all places and accessorised with linen pillow cases from H&M and cushions from Trouva.
Have you ever slept in a bed of cotton jersey? If you haven’t you need to remedy that immediately, it’s like snuggling up in a cloud, I swear my quality of sleep has improved since that purchase, pure heaven!

As there’s no room for a bedside table on my side I needed a slimline solution, somewhere to pop a book and attach a light of some description. Stu made me this gorgeous wood magazine rack which is just perfect.

It’s deep enough to have a few magazines stacked one in front of each other, or to place a small glass of water on…

(I may be making a few to sell, so keep your eyes out for more news on that)

This lovely clamp on copper reading light was from Habitat and is the perfect size and brightness. 

I also have a little book of children’s poetry as some mornings I wake up and read some aloud to the girls…

…but please don’t be fooled by this romantic image of our lives, I also wake up some days and let them eat cereal straight from the box, in front of the TV, just so I can curl back up in bed and pretend the day hasn’t started yet!

I love this rattan light shade, bought from Homebase (currently half price), against the plain white wall. A simple detail, subtly complimented by the Ancient Pink coloured flex cable, which I just happened to have lying around, bought previously from Creative Cables, which tones really nicely with the rose linen cushion from Trouva.

At the foot of the bed we used to have a laundry basket by the wall, as well as a shelf that was a magnet for random crap. I decided to use an IKEA Fladis belly basket on the back of the door for dirty washing and to keep the floor clear and clutter free. The smaller basket means I empty it more often, in theory improving our laundry efficiency, in reality I am utterly crap at mandatory housework, I positively rebel against it!

Of course there’s a wooden bead trivet, made by myself (and available to order) making an appearance..

We are very fortunate to have several built in wardrobes in the house, a total lifesaver as it would be a complete nightmare to have to rely on freestanding furniture when we are limited on space.

I bought these beautiful Beech door knobs from Etsy, to tie in with the bare wood tones present elsewhere in the room…

Who doesn’t like a beautifully formed knob, right?! 

I am constantly asked ‘but where do you keep your stuff’ so here’s a peak inside our wardrobe, it really isn’t exciting, but quite practical.

The flue for the woodburner in the living room goes up through the left hand side, the vents allow the warm air to flow out into our room. With no room for a chest of drawers we make do with the plastic boxes for underwear. Stu owns very few clothes, I don’t have that many I don’t think and out of what you see of mine there I probably only wear about 20%, I’m waiting for that magical moment when I can stop eating ALL the food and start getting back in shape, try as I may I just can’t make the changes at the moment though.

This beautiful antique brass mirror was a chance discovery when I was collecting Eula’s Gentleman’s wardrobe and only cost me £6. I had no idea where it would go, but it’s completely perfect for this wall, the only detail needed, simple and timeless.

The Fine Little Day ‘Up’ mountain print has lived in the kitchen for about a year, but as this room developed I suddenly realised it was perfect for the space. The blurred, nostalgic style lends itself to being seen from a little distance away and creates a dreamlike view for this wall.

This whole transformation was funded by selling on the pieces I no longer loved from the room’s previous ‘style’. I love to recycle money, something I’ve talked about before here, it gives you a great sense of guilt free achievement creating something for very little.

We are very lucky to have a country view from our window and get to see some superb sunsets…

I hope you like the transformation? Let me know what you think xx

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  1. Such a pretty room, I love the print. X

    1. Thank you ❤❤

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