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I’m lying in bed with yet another viral thing, this has been the year of illnesses for me it would seem, 1 week well, 1 week not and so on. I’ve got the curtains drawn and I’m day dreaming about being somewhere else, about lying and gazing at a different view, how lovely that would be.

Image source – Pinterest
Image source – Pinterest

We haven’t been on holiday in years, when the weather is good living in Cornwall can feel quite close to it, but you’re never completely free of obligations and responsibilities. You come home each day and it’s back to reality.
We haven’t had the money to go away, it can’t be justified, add in the constraints of school and it all equals a big fat no. I also wonder, what would I really appreciate more, a week or so away, or a garden I can enjoy all year round? I’m not sure, perhaps the garden…but I still dream.

It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow, he’s one of these annoyingly selfless people who would happily let it pass without a mention, doesn’t he know birthdays aren’t just about him?! Both children will be at school/ nursery and I had this romanticised image of us enjoying a leisurely lunch together, indulging, but the reality is that’s my idea of nice birthday, his would be one that involved zero expenditure. He’s wonderfully, infuriatingly simple like that, he owns hardly any possessions, has no desire for ‘stuff’ what so ever and would enjoy eating an apple as much, if not more so, than a slap up meal out. Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be. But he is the yang to my yin, the restraint to counteract my excess. 

I did get a good gathering together for his 40th last year, beer and Burritos, you can see more about that here.

Instead I am hoping to feel well enough to make a small picnic, then perhaps we can go and quietly sit on a beach together, whatever the weather, responsible for nothing and no one but each other for a few short hours, no jobs to do, no small people to entertain, feed, stop from killing each other. 
Wouldn’t that be lovely.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday xx

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