Half term hang ups.

Oh look, I’ve neglected the blog again! Life went up a gear or 5 in the last 2 weeks, I’m trying to get more jobs finished around the house, I’m very good at starting projects, pretty useless at seeing them through until total completion. But there might be something in the pipeline which has spurred me on to tick some things off the list, more about that another day.

The garden room has been very neglected over winter…
Staged to sell this sideboard which sadly didn’t quite fullfill all my needs. I’m off to deliver it this morning.

It’s half term, pretty bad timing for me if I’m honest, I all of a sudden have quite a lot to do and very little time, but it’s lovely to not be a slave to the school run.

The girls and I edulged in some toast heaven yesterday morning, if you haven’t had Costa toast and marmalade then you really have to remedy that. I never eat cake there, the toast is epic!

I was hoping to get a blog up about Eula’s bedroom this week gone, but the tiny space is infuriating me, making it impossible to photograph to a standard that I feel happy sharing with you, so I didn’t. There is no solution to the space problem, so I will just have to get over it I guess.

I shared another snippet of it last Sunday…

This is taken with me sqaushed into the corner, as far back as possible.

I’m hoping to spend some much needed time at the beach, the girl’s, Nancy especially, are rather wild and frantic at the moment and wide open spaces are definitely a good cure.

This gorgeous place could fix almost all problems I feel..

We joined a good friend on Caerhays beach on Thursday to celebrate her birthday.
That sky!

Really I just wanted to check in and say Hi! It’s been quite a week for everyone hasn’t it, the awful events in Manchester make everything else feel very unnecessary, shallow, but we are so good at living, using this gift of life to create and explore and share. So that’s what I plan to do, live my life, share with you and raise my children with love in their hearts for everything and everyone around us, to appreciate all that they have and to remember that even if there is sadness, this is still such an amazing world and that they can help to raise it up, make it better than it was the day before with kindness.

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