Sitting in style.

I hope everyone’s been enjoying their Bank Holiday, what have you been up to?

My lovely big brother has been down from Bristol, so I cooked a slap up roast for him, my mum, Stu and the girls, which went down very well, so did the bottle of red I found myself guzzling, yummy!

Before we could enjoy some grub there were some table adjustments needed to accommodate my super sexy new Wishbone dining chairs. I am completely in love with these beauties.

They arrived last week, in a ginormous box, the delivery man was very intrigued about the contents as it was so large, but really quite light…

Once unwrapped 2 things were apparent –

  1. They were utterly divine.
  2. I’d completely forgotten to check they would stand next to each other and fit between the hairpin table legs and they didn’t, of course!


But panic not, there is always a solution. The beauty of homemade furniture is that you’re less afraid to adapt it, I knew there was some room to play around with the table legs, so I set Stu and the girls the task of fixing the problem.

With the legs reattached, closer to the edge of the ply top, there’s now plenty of room. Hurrah!

I need to make up my mind now whether I want to buy another 2 for the ends of the table, I had planned to just have the 2, but I am a little besotted with them…do I *need* 2 more?! I think there’s just enough space here so they don’t feel squished. I will ponder this some more, but I think really 4 may be overkill. I’d like some lovely stools to replace the IKEA Frosta ones, suggestions appreciated.

Nancy wanted to make lunch a party, so I hung some of the 200 metres of bunting I made, using vintage fabric, for our wedding. Unkie Dan was most impressed with our efforts!

I’m just so happy as I’ve lusted after these beauties for quite some time, but didn’t think I’d have the room/ funds, but as is my usual way, I sold on our previous Eames style chairs and used the funds from that sale towards these. OK, so 4 chairs equalled one of these, I won’t lie, they are not ‘affordable’ as such, but so worth the slight extravagance. They’ve available to buy from several places, in various wood types or painted colours.

Oh and you get a free small person’s second home, so really you’re completely onto a winner!

You can read a bit more about our table here, it’s further down this blog post x

Nancy has just got back from the park and found me writing in bed, she wanted to have a go too!…

Can you read it? I think she has a future in this game!

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  1. Alice, where did you order your wishbone chairs from?

    1. They were on ebay, not a private seller, but I can’t find them on there now..

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