Weekly favourites.

I thought I’d share a few things I’m loving this week, I’m thinking this could be a new weekly feature, a bit of a brain splurge, I warn you, it could get pretty random!

So you may have noticed I’m a little plant obsessed of late. Here’s my current botanical crush – Alocasia Zebrina. 

It’s just amazing, and seemingly impossible to get ahold of.

Photo – rnoordam – Instagram
Photo – (my) unfinished home

I’m really wanting a vintage caravan project at the moment. The longing comes and goes in waves, but it’s back with avengence right now, but one for a few years time I think.

Look at these beauties, just how cool?!

Photo – Pinterest
Photo – eBay

Junkaholique’s caravan renovation is right up my street, simple, understated and dreamy.

Rattan/ bamboo furniture… Who goes through weekly mini obsessions? If I scroll back through Pinterest it chronicles most of mine. Recently its been rattan/ bamboo furniture. I KNOW I don’t have any room left for any more furniture, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

Photo – sfgirlbybay

Look at this utter beauty from Maison du Monde –

I wouldn’t say no to that pool either!

Instagram –

Those that follow me on Facebook went crazy for Lili Arnold’s block printing video, which I shared a few weeks back. I’m following her on Instagram and am still completely in love with her use of colour and this flay lay makes me want to leap up and be creative immediately!

Photo – liliarnold – Instagram

Finally this week I have been listening to Maggie Rogers, my new sound crush. I’ve only just discovered her thanks to a chance Facebook article, her voice is utterly entrancing.

Take a listen for yourself, click on her album cover below for a Spotify link –

I’d love to hear what this weeks favourites are for you. Maybe it’s a particular purchase, a meal you cooked…a film you watched?

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Gorgeous curation of inspiration Alice, love the idea!

    1. Thanks lovely xx

  2. Jane Wheeler says:

    Ooh dear, you and I are too similar Alice. I’ve had a massive caravan crush for about 4 years now. I find myself gazing longingly at seemingly abandoned caravans speculating on their potential loveliness. I’d adore one as a creative workspace….one day, sigh.

    1. Hahaha, one day, exactly! I don’t have anywhere to keep it/ work on it and I really dont think Stu would approve!

  3. dani says:

    this is my dream for the week – the shed, tokavaig. for some reason i can’t post the link. i even contacted the architect when this was first built because i was so taken with it! it’s now a holiday rental. this is what i would like to build x

    1. Sounds exciting Dani 😆

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