Exciting news! 

I’m super excited to properly share with you lovely lot some exciting news…

Mollie Makes will be featuring my house in an upcoming Summer edition of their wonderfully creative magazine. Yay! They do totally beautiful home tour features and I can’t believe I’m going to be one of them.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little in a rush the past week or so, busy, busy, I’ve hardly stopped for a moment, trying to get all the part done jobs finished up. When I received the email only about 2 weeks ago I was both thrilled to be asked, but also a little freaked out as we had only just dug up the garden a few days before, taking a kind of acceptable green lawn right back to pure brown mud. All of which is rather visible from the extension, but hey ho, I was determined to make the most of the situation.

So in a little over 2 weeks we’ve gone from this –

To this –

Lots more to do clearly, but I was determined to get the fence painted at least as that would have a positive impact on the view from inside. I absolutely LOVE the black, LOVE IT! But more on this another time.
There was also the small issue of the kitchen being nowhere near complete, tiles were missing in one corner, we’ve had a total nightmare of a time with several sockets and the electrics, the less said about that the better! So my lovely Dad came to the rescue and we worked nonstop for several days to get to a photo ready state, and with the aid of wine and beer we only blumming well did it! I can’t wait to share the finished kitchen with you all very soon, I can’t even believe those words are in the same sentence together – finished and kitchen. Wahooo!

Rain threatened to spoil the day, with this morning verging on apocalyptic with super heavy rain, but fortunately we decided to postpone until this afternoon and were rewarded with actual sunshine, I couldn’t believe our luck!

I hadn’t met Rebecca Rees, a Cornish Freelance photographer, until today but I’m so glad it was her. She was so lovely and friendly and it was a great afternoon. I was rather worried about the fact the magazine would want a portrait shot of me, I’m not feeling that super about myself at the moment and am struggling with my weight, but Rebecca made me feel comfortable and what ever those shots come out like I will have to accept that they are a record of where I am at now, which hopefully won’t be what I’m like forever. I’m my biggest work in progress.

The girls even got in on some photo action, I’m thinking Rebecca’s shots will be better than mine, Nancy took this moment as a challenge to eat the doughnut as quickly as humanly possible, it was quite astonishing to watch!

I bought some cakes as ‘props’, this morning before School Nancy asked if she could have some of the lovely fresh bread. I had to inform her that this was not bread for eating, much to her confusion, this was in fact bread for looking nice! She just rolled her eyes at me!!

I can’t wait to see the house in print and to see how a real professional captures our home. How exciting indeed!

I’ll leave you will my track of the day, Tears for Fears, Everybody wants to rule the world. Rather apt don’t you think? Have you voted? I will be staying up stupidly late, drinking wine and watching the results come in….whilst skipping back and forth from a film I think.
Lots of love x

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