Nancy’s bedroom transformation. 

I’ve finally got around to finishing off the bits and bobs in Nancy’s room that I’ve strung out for far too long and took the tidiness of Thursday’s photoshoot as a good opportunity to take some decent pictures. 

As with most of the house, Nancy’s bedroom has been through several variations, but none of them truly worked for one reason or another. The longest lasting version was this –

Nothing wrong, but it always felt too cluttered, she quickly outgrew the size/ comfort level of the IKEA Minnen bed and I wasn’t truly happy with the overall feel.

It now looks like this –

I love the muted tones, the half painted walls, Hinkypunk by Valspar (got to be the best paint colour name ever!) help to set off the furniture and create a more styled backdrop. The modern Scandi elements such as her Fine Little Day Gran bedding mix well with the natural elements like the Next jute rug, vintage Gentleman’s wardrobe, used for toy storage, and the ply of her twin slot shelving and desk…

You can read lots more about these shelves here, including info/photos through out the stages of ordering/ making.

Nancy is absolutely in love with her ‘new’ space (this post has been a while in the making so technically it isn’t that new to her now!) If she knows someone is coming over, be it an adult or one of her friends, she will frantically tidy it, unprompted, so that she can show it off! When I say tidy I mean throw what was on the floor into one of the cupboards!

As ever my love of baskets shows in this room, here an Olli Ella tepee basket houses clothes to be grown into and the smaller one from The African Emporium (found on Facebook) houses all Nancy’s special treasures such as postcards, a few bits and bobs from when she was a baby.

The string of lights, from Flying Tiger, match the Olli Ella basket perfectly, pure chance!

The vintage gentleman’s wardrobe, bought for £30 on a local Facebook selling page, makes the perfect easy access toy storage. The face the door can be closed and it’s all hidden is a total winner for me.

Clothes, dressing up and a lot more are stored in the large fitted wardrobe, seen in the photo further up, next to the desk. I carried the Hinkypunk colour across the doors as this makes the room feel bigger, less fragmented. 

Lego is stored on the back of the door in this brilliant Play&Go bag/ play mat.

There are pops of colour in the artwork, here in these lovely Anna Kövecses prints on the left, bought from Catching Doodles.

The larger mountain ‘print’ is in fact a piece of MissPrint wallpaper.

I particularly love this little pink haired moody girl by Ashley Goldburg, again from Catching Doodles.

There are quite a few plants dotted around the room, this is one of my most used tricks. Plants really lift a room’s design, the pops of green lift the colours around it and I think it’s important to surround yourself/ children with things that are living. They also improve the air quality and can even help with sleep. Obviously when using in a child’s room you need to use your own judgement. I’m quite fortuanate that Nancy and Eula don’t investigate things too much if I ask them to leave them alone, so I have no worries about soil being spilt/ eaten etc.

The same can be said of Nancy’s bedside light..

The wire is attached to the walls and the girls don’t jump on this bed as Nancy has a Tempur mattress, a gift from a relative and whilst it’s unbelievably comfortable to sleep on, it is utterly useless for bed jumping as the memory foam absorbs all of your efforts. You can read more about the light, which I made, here.

One of Nancy’s favourite pieces in the room is her Moon Man print, by Für Neil, bought from This Modern Life. I still love it as much as the day it arrived and he’s just perfect there above her bed, watching over her sleeping. Speaking of her bed, I should tell you about that too. I bought 2 vintage headboards from someone locally for about £25. 

Stu then made the bed (with the help of Nancy) using part of another less attractive pine single bed we happened to have in the garage, so he reused the slats and the bits they rest on, all of which you don’t see and the bits you do are the beautiful teak? headboard, used at either end.

Her book shelves next to the bed are picture ledges bought from B&Q. You can get similar from IKEA too, but the B&Q ones are better quality.

So there you are, another post that’s been hanging over me done and out there.

I hope you like the transformation, I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Gillian Roe says:

    Alice it’s stunning! I love your tips and tricks for saving space and money. I agree about the plants. Sadly, when I tried to put one in my son’s room, he was hugely unimpressed and removed it.

    1. Thanks Gillian, Hahaha, so frustrating when they have their own ideas isn’t it!!

  2. Judith Suleman says:

    I love it, you have such great taste and eye for detail, that jute rug, we had one in family home back in the 70’s!

    1. Thank you Judith, I remember a rug similar to this when I was a child too!

  3. Megan says:

    This is such a beautiful room 😍 can I ask where the mermaid dolls came from?

    1. Thank you Megan. The Mermaids are from Nest&Burrow x

  4. Dani says:

    I loved the wardrobe idea for Millie’s room when I first talked to you. Lying in bed scrolling through furniture for sale , and I may have accidentally just bought one to use in the playroom 😁

    1. Yay, I hope it works well for you x

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Alice,

    Please can you tell me the make of the wardrobe?

    I know it’s a vintage find, but am hoping to find a similar design and not having had any luck online, I hope the maker name may help :o)


  6. Natalie says:

    Hi, the room looks fantastic. where is the desk/shelf from please? Thanks x

    1. Hello and thank you. We made the desk/ shelving. Take a look on the blog for twin slot shelving x

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