Favourite things weekly.

Here are some of my favourite things for this week, pins, ponderings, music and more.

Happy, fun looking pots. Don’t these beauties from just make you smile!

You can find out more about them from Little Big Bell, a totally gorgeous blog you should be following anyway! I love the mix of shapes and colours, neons and pastels, paper and even knitted pot covers.
The shelves themselves are beautiful too aren’t they, a super quick, easy and relatively cheap diy project.

Indoor garden? Yes please! My house is already heading this way to be honest, but I just love the fullness and variety of this gorgeous room, found on Pinterest.

Instagram crushMamoesjka

Over time my house is becoming more muted and I favour natural tones over my previous brights, but Mamoesjka’s feed fills me with delight, no matter how dark and miserable the day her home is truly uplifting. Go check her out.

Pilea Lovers.

Clue’s in the title, I love Pilea Peperomioides and this Instagram account is all about celebrating their totally weird and wonderful beauty.

I am super excited as I’ve just found out I’m going to be a mum again….

A Pilea mum that is, or maybe that makes me a Granny) hahahah! My largest plant is growing some babies around the base of the stem, I can see them starting to form, all tiny and lovely, a great sign that the plant is very happy.

Basket crush..

You all know about my love of baskets by now, well this week I’m lusting after this Florence beauty.

So far I’ve been well behaved, but I feel my resolve fading the more the sun shines!

Soundtrack of the week.

I’ve had India Arie playing on repeat for at least a week now, I’ve rediscovered her after years and listening to her smooth, rich voice, whilst sat in the sun, has brought me a lot of happiness.

You can find her here on Spotify, enjoy!

Today’s favourite thing was an hours stroll around The Lost Gardens of Heligan with this little person, the weather was unbelievably beautiful and Eula had a lot of fun climbing trees and general adventuring.

So there we are, a few thoughts and fancies for you, hope you’re all having a good week? What are your favourite things this week?

On a less wonderful note I’ve had some worry over the last couple of days as my blog has been affected by an annoying hack, I expect a fair few of you have experienced the issues, unsolicited adverts popping up, making it difficult or even for some impossible to view my site. 

I’ve been told this problem is being looked into, so for now all I can do is apologise and thank you for sticking with me xxx

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