Birch ply cupboard of dreams.

Oooh I’m so excited to show this beauty to you, I think you’ll share in my love for my new and very gorgeous birch faced ply kitchen cupboard.

Before I say anymore, lets start with before. This new cupboard has replaced this white IKEA Metod cupboard, with the geometric Herestad doors…

A perfectly lovely cupboard, but as the kitchen design progressed and we (I!) decided we needed to tile the walls I knew this style, with it’s 3D geo doors, just wouldn’t work with the tiles, it would be too busy, too fussy.

So, as ever, I took to Pinterest in search for inspiration, it was here that I stumbled upon this image..

I fell in love instantly, I love everything about this handmade cupboard, the wood tones, the dimensions, that tiny weeny little teapot you can see nestled inside. But this cupboard was made by a very talented film director in New Zealand and was never going to be mine.

So then my brain started ticking over and I thought well, there’s no reason I can’t have something equally fabulous made locally, as this is the only wall cupboard we have I knew it had to be pretty special.

So I contacted a few local Carpenters and discussed the idea of a collaboration. That’s how I found myself working with Hugo over at Bespoke Hand Crafted Furniture in Cornwall. I showed Hugo the image from Pinterest and then we worked together to come up with a version that would suit our needs and kitchen, I was thinking I would like a darker wood, but in the end decided long term my good old fave Birch faced Ply would keep me the happiest and I am so happy with the end result, LOOK!!

I opted to go for slightly different dimensions to the inspiration picture as in reality we needed the space, but also went for shallower than the IKEA cupboard, so it didn’t stick out into the room as much.

I felt I was really involved with the creation of this piece, Hugo sent me this photo so I could decide on the piece of Ply I would like, I opted for the left as whilst I like some knots, afterall, the beauty of wood is it’s individual character and quirks, the piece of the right kind of looked as though it had suffered a really bad case of Chicken Pox!!

I really enjoyed visiting the workshop when I collected the cupboard. When you have something bespoke made it really connects you to the process a piece of furniture or anything goes through to come into being. I think we are so used to walking into a shop or browsing online, clicking buy and then this ready made thing arrives at our door, where’s the thought for the craftsman/women who used their skill and creativity to bring that piece to life? This cupboard is all the more special because it was made in my home county, out in the country in a little workshop at the end of a lane. I can put a face to the process, there’s more of a story involved.

You’ve heard me talk about my love of Ply before and once again I’m not disappointed, look at the subtle grain patternation and lamination on the edge.

The storage is perfect, I even had the idea of having this taller section on the right, so I have somewhere to store vases and taller jugs.

Geometric storage jar (right) Geometti, circle jug (top left) Gisela Graham, Copper pot with wooden lid Tkmaxx (this was actually a big candle, but I removed it), little concrete Tea light holder Eme&Gray 



Everything just looks extra gorgeous in there, don’t you think?

In all my thoughts of dimensions to suit the space, I actually completely forgot to take into consideration the height of my wine glasses, so when it came to putting them in I was absolutely amazed that they fitted perfectly, with about 2mm to spare, I couldn’t believe it!

I’m not ashamed to say I spent much time stood in front of this cupboard pondering where everything should live, does anyone else love a good organising sesh?

A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Look at the wonderful detail and work that’s gone into the handle, every time you come into contact with this piece you’re reminded of the care and attention to detail that’s gone into it.

I’m aware that not everyone can afford to have bespoke pieces of furnitue made, but I urge you to not discount the idea entirely. It often doesn’t cost you as much as you might think. I wonder how much a wall of cupboards might have cost me, I’ve found that as I have carefully edited our interior, reducing and simplifying the design, it has enabled me to spend a little more on certain stand out pieces.
I can’t wait to share the full kitchen makeover with you very soon, but for now I hope you’ve enjoyed this corner of what is probably now my favourite room.

**edit, I am yet to treat the wood but plan on using Osmo oil x

A big thank you to Bespoke Hand Crafted Furniture in Cornwall for working with me on this piece and for bringing my idea to life

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  1. Love love love, there is something so simple and beautiful about ply, it is perfect against the tiles too xx

    1. Thanks lovely, I’m so happy with it 😀

  2. myrtlesdoll says:

    Hey there,

    Just wondering what size your wall tiles are?


    PS drooling over your kitchen!!

    1. Hi Jill 😀
      They’re 100mm x 100.

      Thank you, i’m so pleased with how it’s looking ❤

  3. AnnieM says:

    Just come across this and absolutely love the whole look. Where are the tiles from? Can’t find just a plain white square I like!

    1. Thank you Annie, the tiles were from Tiles Tileshack Direct and are matt 100x100mm x

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