A little thank you…

I just wanted to say a little thank you, or even a really big one, to all the lovely people who commented and gave me kind words of support after my A little bit of truth post last week. It was never my intention to seek out compliments, simply to get some things out of my head and I find writing helps me to process things better. We all have our own coping strategies, my usual go to is denial I think, but I’ve faced up to some facts and have already made some very positive changes. 

Thank you for sharing your own stories and words of encouragement, I live in a love/hate relationship with social media, I hate how I get sucked in and time just seems to disappear, but I love that it has given me a way to connect with all you brilliant people and has given me a voice that hopefully adds to someone’s day. All I hope for is that I can pass on an idea or maybe make someone else feel a little better because what I am realising is we all share so many things, not just a love for design and interiors, but also our fears and insecurities too. 

I don’t want to be an unapproachable online element, I’m a real person, my life is far from perfect (I’m just pretty good at taking nice pictures) and I will continue to share the good and the not so great with you, if you’d like me to!

I’m off to water the plants now, a task I really enjoy and find to be almost like my own version of meditation. I’m finding so much more happiness in our garden than I expected, it goes far beyond enjoying the aesthetics, it’s done something to my soul I think. I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

Oh and I just overheard my darling children describe the home cooked meal I slaved over this afternoon as ‘very dog poo looking’, I won’t bother to share a picture with you!

Have a great weekend x

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