Repurpose, upcycle, relove.

Something I really struggle with is seeing things go to waste when they could have a second lease of life. When it comes to furniture I’m pretty sure there is enough of everything already in existence to go around, you just have to think a bit creatively. Just because one person doesn’t want something, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t treasure it.

Obviously this only really works for well made, quality pieces, sadly the modern world of MDF and chipboard just won’t survive the abuse many vintage pieces are put through (made, used, discarded, painted, sanded, sanded again, dumped and repeat)… but keep your eyes open as you go about your day and you may just find some hidden treasure.

I did just this at Nancy’s school a few months back, daily I walked past a little gathering of sad looking school desks. Not lovely old characterful desks, they would have been snapped up on day 1 trust me! No, modern, laminated chipboard topped ones, one blue, faded and marked, the other looked like it had once been a beautiful buttercup yellow, but now had gouged out holes and a corner missing. Both gathering rain water and mud. One day I asked a teacher whether they were destined for the dump, they were, so I decided to rescue them and give them another chance.

I forgot to take a before picture, which is very unlike me, but I’m sure most of you have an idea of what they looked like.

First I removed the table tops and discarded them, months of rain had caused too much damage, then the frames were sanded down, to get rid of any rough areas of rust.

We had some Birch faced Ply left over from making Eula’s bed, so I was pleased to have a use for it, having moved it around from She Shed to ugly shed to the garage and back into the house several times whilst trying to sort around it. Stu cut the tops for me, I painted the legs with black Hammerite, screwed the tops on once the paint was dry and then gave them 2 coats of Osmo oil.

I’m reasonably pleased with the end results, they look rather lovely styled in the house, especially with our beautiful Ercol dot stacking chairs, but they are destined to move on to new homes, no longer only good for the dump, I hope they go on to live long and useful lives!

What do you think, an improvement I think you’ll agree?! Do you like rescuing and giving furniture some much needed love?

What’s your best free find so far? I would struggle to chose my all time winner I think, I’m always on the look out!

Is it the weekend yet? Come 4pm this pair and I are completely flaked out…roll on the Summer Holidays…. (I’ll be retracting that statement about 1 week in I’m sure!)

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  1. LOVE this post – and great work on re-imagining and reinventing an item that nobody else could manage to love. The outcome is just darling! Great work

    1. Thanks very much ❤❤

  2. What a beautiful table! I’m a teacher so I’m going to be eyeing up all the tables in the classrooms tomorrow! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do some lovely wood working like you!

    1. Hahaha, thank you. Good luck hunting 😆😆

  3. Amber says:

    Beautiful work! You definitely have an eye for upcycling, they look wonderful!

    1. Thank you very much Amber x

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