Mollie Makes Feature.

It’s been a bit of a crappy week this one, but I don’t want to go into that.

Instead here’s a little bit of yay me-ness! I just made that a word, ok!

Those that follow me on Facebook and Instagram may have seen me mention that the rather fabulous Mollie Makes asked me to feature in their magazine, actually I wrote a little about the day of the shoot here.

Naturally I said yes and now it’s a reality, I received my copy yesterday…

I had a quick flick through yesterday, but a not so great visit to the dentist and little people got in the way of me fully absorbing it, so this afternoon I sat slowed down, sat down and read the magazine cover to cover. Heaven.

If you aren’t familiar with Mollie Makes then you need to make yourself. Their tag line is ‘Living a creative life’ and their magazine is jam-packed with gorgeous inspiration, crafty projects, interviews with a huge variety of creatives. I can’t believe I’m in a magazine alongside my Great Pottery Throw Down crush, Keith Brymer Jones!

Chatting with Lottie Storey, once we got past some rather frustrating Skype technical issues, was lovely. I felt very relaxed and I feel she has translated me well.

Nancy insisted on taking a copy to school today and I was informed by several Mum friends that she was showing anyone and everyone the feature, stating that she was now famous! It’s made her entire year!
Anyway, if you would like to see the article up close then go buy a copy (you really should, not just because of me being in it, it’s such an inspiring read) it’s edition 82, available online and in many News Agents/ Supermarkets.
Thanks for stopping by x

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  1. Jane Wheeler says:

    So exciting Alice, I’m arranging to have a copy sent over. By the way Keith is a friend of many years.

    1. Is he? I love him and his big enthusiastic emotions! Awww, thanks Janie x

  2. Silvy says:

    That’s fantastic! well done, I love the pictures too ! I used to buy this magazine when there are some interesting sewing projects….One more reason to get it now:-)

    1. Thanks very much, it’s definitely inspired me to get back to doing some making ❤

      1. Silvy says:

        Yeah that’s a great excuse! I found making things very relaxing and a great way to get rid of stress 🙂

      2. ❤❤ Absolutely

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