Favourite Things Weekly (or not so weekly!)

I haven’t done a Favourite Things Weekly in a while, maybe I should drop the ‘Weekly’ then I need not make any apology!

Here are a few things I’m crushing on…

Wooden Candlesticks, no explanation needed really, they’re just lovely. Candles add instant atmosphere to a room and these look so tactile and beautiful.

Image source – Pinterest
I absolutely love Hannah’s cupboard of lovelies, especially the sexy wooden candlesticks. You can find her over on Insta- @the_hausmartins
Image – Pinterest

I’ve contacted the same Carpenter who made my Birch Ply Cupboard of dreams, to enquire about having some made…exciting stuff!

Anthropologie blankets –

Image Source – Instagram – @ratandniece 

I love the textures and muted tones of this beauty, I haven’t really looked into the cost as I know without hesitation it would be beyond anything I could justify, but a girl can dream. It would make an amazing wall hanging.

Image Source – Instagram – @lovesarahschneider

It’s the warmth and cosiness of this blanket that appeals to me, perhaps it’s the serene image of two little girls as well, all peaceful and without conflict, something I can only wish for at the moment, I have a similar ‘peaceful’ image of the girls, but know it was only a split second in an afternoon of screaming and angst!


I made Eula a romper this week, it didn’t quite go to plan, but if you didn’t know how it should have looked then it could be deemed a success…

It’s made from an old linen skirt, bought on eBay with the intention of making a cushion, but when it arrived it was striped, which wasn’t in my cushion plans, so it got stashed away until I could come up with a new use.

I always had these romantic ideas of making clothes for my children, the reality is it’s hardly happened and the times it has have rarely been a success as I am very much an amateur seamstress, but my confidence is boosted and I may well attempt something for Nancy soon, at her request.

Basket love!

I have kept my basket obsession in check of late, but when I saw this beauty in real life at a good friend’s house, well, the need took over and before I knew it here it was!

It’s quite a biggie, here’s Eula for scale!

I bought it online from No.54, a beautiful shop in Penzance that I am hoping to visit in real life soon. Check out their Instagram for swoon worthy homewares. I believe this size basket is now out of stock on their website, but they have a smaller version on there.


 I received 8 more Miffy books today and will be winning serious Mum points with Eula at bedtime.

These little stories are so lovely to read, the bright bold illustrations can’t help but make you smile.

Finally, it’s the school holidays, wahoo!

I think I genuinely mean that, I’ve had my fill of the school run and am looking forward to relaxing into a different pace of life. We’ve all been struggling a bit of late, many clashing opinions being voiced very loudly and I hope some lovely simple family activities will pull us all back in and settle the tension.

Nancy’s chosen outfit for her last day in Reception

Nance looks very fitting with my Jenny Liz Rome Bowie-esq print and Picasso ‘Lady with flowers in her hair’.

Maybe I’ll frame her too!

What have your favourite things been this week?  Do you have children off for the summer now?…care to share some of your planned activities?

Thanks for stopping by x

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  1. Susan Beaumont-Smith says:

    Those pics of Nancy are absolutely wonderful!

    1. Thanks Susan, she’s a real sweetie x

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