A little something just for me.

The school holidays are upon us and I am trying to find my feet, find the balance with two small and feisty people at home 24/7. I’m not ashamed to say I like and very much need time to myself, this is something I am realising more and more in recent months. I need time to recharge and find some calm. Parenting is all consuming, especially the stage we’re at right now, where we are all clashing daily, hourly, lots of big opinions and feelings all squished into our little home.

I have started to read again, an activity I had unintentionally turned my back on since having children. I read things, but mostly online, you can follow the pattern of the last 6 years, it’s much the same as many other new Mums I’m sure, consumed with ‘helpful’ parenting advice, guidance, charting the stages of my growing baby, with Nancy, my first, ever seeking out information and knowledge on what was to come, with Eula, having had my fill of other people’s opinions, it was the funny ‘real world’ Mums who made me feel sane and normal. Now occasionally a blog post by someone I follow and admire, mostly to do with interiors or their beautiful life, travels, food. But I haven’t lost myself in a novel for years, the ability to concentrate and switch off into an imaginary world ended at around 9 months pregnant, when I started my decent into sleep deprivation and baby related distraction, but I’m really excited to have found it again, I hope it’s the start of truly rekindling my love for reading.

The living room, once upon a time when books dominated the decor.
This corner feels a lot calmer now, but the room still isn’t *right* and will be having a few tweaks in the not so distant future.
More shelf chaos. I struggle to think how I ever lived with so much stuff?! This was about 3 years ago.

What’s left of my book collection is stashed away in the garden room, forming a part of the walls.

My husband has several weeks off, but we have no big plans, whilst getting away would be nice, it’s an expense we can’t justify. I’m enjoying not being too committed to plans, seeing where the day takes us, but equally my brain is wondering, there are things I want to do for myself, rearrange some things, restyle a room…but that’s the way I work. My brain is never still, forever moving forwards.
For now, escaping into my book (the first in the Outlander series for anyone interested) is a little something just for me, a brief holiday away from the daily grind. It also feeds me my fix until series 3 is released in September, I *may* be a little Outlander obsessed currently, but not without good reason, if you haven’t watched it, you should…or read the books for that matter, gripping stuff.

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