Surviving Summer with Soren’s House.

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We’re well into the flow of the Summer holidays, but this week I’ve been plagued by terrible, headsplitting toothache and as a result have been in a bit of a grump. So when a big box of goodies arrived from the lovely Soren’s House it was just the boost we all needed.

Naturally the box itself had a great deal of appeal to the girls, as is the way with most children, I left them with it whilst I got cracking building one of the bigger pieces…

Nancy is hiding in the box, making the most awful baby crying sounds, why do my children always act out sad, suffering enfants, anyone would think they had the most awful early years of their life, I promise they really didn’t!

How utterly gorgeous is this little Plantoys kitchen?! It’s as though it were purpose made for Eula’s bedroom, which as many of you will know is quite a small space.

Our last play kitchen, one I made with my Dad, was a lot of fun, but I grew tired of it’s size and the space it took up. What I love about this one is you can just pick it up and relocate it so easily, take it downstairs or even outside if you wanted, no trouble at all.

Well designed wooden toys can really add to a room and I wouldn’t mind this little lovely anywhere in the house. I’ve been brought a fair number of pretend cups of tea in the past few days, time to start their training on the real thing perhaps?

The cute little metal kettle was my parent’s, for in their camper, bought in Provence.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea….with a slightly frightening, squished face!

On Thursday I went to a Jeremy Corbyn rally with my Mum, to show our support and love for the NHS. It was a great afternoon, it always gives you a good vibe meeting en mass with people who share similar beliefs and ideals and it’s good to have that common ground with my Mum. Afterwards we went back to Lostwithiel (my parent’s home town and where I lived from the age of 11-18) and met Stu and the girls off the train. The choir my Dad sings in were performing by the river that night and Nancy and Eula wanted to see him.

This lovely Plantoys wagon came with us, the girls haven’t done anything without it since it arrived, it’s one of those wonderful toys that is completely open ended in terms of it’s use. So far it’s served as library book transportation, a dog wagon, a mobile shop and not to mention an important, if sometimes hard, lesson in sharing.

Sometimes I struggle with the ‘things’ that come with children, I can’t stand toys that serve just one purpose. Nancy and Eula aren’t that interested in them, they have the normal initial love, but soon it’s cast aside, no longer favoured. But this wagon has kept them spellbound, their little imaginations running wild.

But look! …we DO have toys, ugly ones too, much to the apparent surprise of many who follow me on Social Media (I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, don’t believe all the pristine and perfect pictures you see, real life has just been swept out of the way momentarily)…

But the key, along with being a bit ruthless with clearing out, is having lovely storage.

This super cute Panda Play&Go storage bag/play mat is perfect for chucking everything in and hiding any offending articles. We have another which is used for Lego and lives in Nancy’s room.

Eula spent a fair while trying to count how many Panda faces there were, eventually she gave up!
Super Eula testing out the SmallStuff Star backpack in Plum. Perfect for Preschool in September.

Now, who doesn’t like a cute Koala? I’ve been slowly trying to phase out the horrible cheap plastic plates, bowls, cups etc that the girls have. Mostly they just use the same crockery as us, but sometimes it’s just a lot more sensible to give them something that bounces!

I’ve finally banished the faded and scratched cups and these mint Eef Lillemor bamboo tumblers look rather gorgeous in our beautiful ply cupboard.

Yesterday morning, tooth giving me absolute hell, the girls bouncing off the walls, I broke out this SmallStuff matching pairs game..

You’d really believe they’re the best of friends right now, wouldn’t you! In reality the game ended with Eula under the craft table, full scale meltdown. Nancy and I carried on and I’m a little ashamed to say I got a bit competitive! We had a rematch this morning also, a big hit here.

A big thanks to Soren’s House for saving my sanity and giving the girl’s some fun with such a beautiful selection of products. Here’s hoping next week is more pain free.

This post was kindly sponsored by Soren’s House, but all opinions are my own. If you would like to work with me then comment below or send me a message, I’m always excited to chat and discuss new opportunities x

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  1. Dani says:

    I could happily live in Soren’s house 🙂

    1. Absolutely 😆

  2. Steven Snow says:

    Soren’s house is beautiful. What we deliver today to our new generation we discover more brighter next upcoming generation.

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