Farewell to the holidays.

Today we went on an adventure to Looe Island, a promise I made Nancy last November. As we pulled our coats tightly around us, breathing in the fresh chilly air, then seeking out Hot Chocolate to warm our frozen fingers, we made a pact that we would have a Moomin style adventure come the warmth of Summer.

We almost missed that deadline.

Eula and I had an early hearty breakfast of triple chocolate cookies, then headed off to collect Nancy and my Mum, Nancy had a much needed sleepover at my parent’s last night as the girls are a little over the having a sibling 24/7 thing by now, they need some time to miss each other!

Reunited and ready to board the train at Liskeard.

The train journey is absolutely beautiful, creeping through the woodlands, then following the river. We saw a lot of wildlife and I pointed out a few secret spots along the river bank where I used to play as a child.

We ate lunch on the beach, absolutely roasting ourselves in the ever rising temperature. Then it was ice creams and onto the ferry.


The last time I visited I was about the same age as Nancy, but it’s amazing how much you remember. The girls loved the story of the 2 sisters who used to own and live on the Island, I think they quite fancied the idea of that.

It’s now owned and cared for by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

This tree was so beautiful and absolutely perfect for climbing.

I fell a little bit in love with this Hide, decorated with washed up bottles, flotsam and jetsam.

We saw Seals, ate wild blackberries as we explored, climbed trees, before relaxing on the beach. My mum and the girls went in for a swim, I just couldn’t be bothered with the undressing if I’m honest!

I decided I could absolutely live here, it’s just the right amount of isolation. Surrounded by water, but with your own boat the mainland is easily accessible. I imagined myself in a Tove Jansson novel, in a little world of my own.

And then before we knew it it was time to return to the real world, back to the main land, back home and very very soon back to the daily grind of School, and all that comes with that.

It was a rather lovely way to end the school holidays and we already have plans to return.

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  1. Jane Wheeler says:

    Fabulous post Alice, I loved it. It’s years since I visited Looe Island, you’ve made me want to re visit myself.

    1. It was lovely Janie, definitely want to go back with Stu and spend a bit longer there. So peaceful ❤

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