Friend feature: 1930s Vintage meets modern house tour.

A fair while ago I featured my lovely friend Rachel’s Victorian home on the blog and the renovations they had undertaken so far, it was supposedly the start of a more frequent feature, where I would share with you the homes of my friends, some in the real world, but also those I have come to know through this crazy Social Media world too.

But that post was deleted when I decided not to continue with my first .com website, such a shame as it was a really nice piece, I hope to redo it one day.

Yesterday I found myself in bed poorly, let’s just say I hadn’t had the weekend away I had planned, but what better way to turn a negative into a positive than do some spreading of the interior love from my sickbed, so I wrote this blog.

I’d like to take you on a little snapshot tour of one of my lovely Insta friend’s 1930s home, Ruth Van De Louw, you can find her on Instagram as ruth_ela, do go follow her for more beautiful inspiration.

This amazing print was a photo Ruth’s husband took on a trip to Venice beach. I think it’s rather cool.

Ruth is a Child Psychologist, living in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands. She is a mother of 2, like me, and she shares my love for wonderful new and vintage furniture, she has so many pieces that I am super envious of, like the amazing sofa above.

FL/Y pendant by Kartell
I love this beautiful vintage double desk.

Ruth uses colour and pattern to perfection, just the right balance of detail, nothing is too overpowering, you are drawn in, you want to know what’s just out of shot, what’s around the corner.

Brave and bold use of vintage wallpaper.
Ruth’s rooms are always styled to perfection, never too much, but always pieces that draw you in…

Ruth’s home is a true inspiration to me, such attention to detail, I also love how you can see that real life happens within those walls, it isn’t a show home, it oozes personality and individuality.

How I long for a home with lovely original features, Ruth’s place is blessed with many, original tiles, high ceilings, beautiful internal doors, the list goes on…

Ruth loves to hunt Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in search of treasure, this is very apparent in her beautiful collections, unique soft furnishings and eclectic mishmash of loveliness.

This is a house of happiness, colour and curiosities, serious interior goals.

I hope you enjoyed this little visit around a completely inspirational home, is this a feature you’d like to see more of, other houses I have a crush on…

A massive thank you to Ruth for allowing me to use her beautiful photos and share them with you, I think you’ll agree she’s a pretty talented lady, make sure you pop over to her Instagram and give her a follow, then lose yourself in some serious Insta house stalking!
If you haven’t already you can come follow me on Instagram too..

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  1. mybohem says:

    This was a lovely and very inspiring home! I enjoyed it very much, so thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much ❤

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