Favourite things feature.

Time to share a few of my favourite things this week….

Pinterest inspiration…

What’s not to love about this image, especially those lights. I’m working on finding out where the original image is from to find out more, though I suspect they’re probably handmade. 
I’ll forever have a weakness for ply kitchens. Totally love the freestanding room divide.

I know Macrame has been ‘on trend’ for some time now, I’ve always appreciated it’s beauty, but didnt really have anywhere for any new things, but as I have a rejig in the living room (more about this in a few weeks) I find that I’m eyeing up more and more beauties, like these cushions which I bought from La Redoute recently…

I have to be careful not to get carried away, but look at this dark Bloomingville beauty…

 Music choice of the week 

London Grammar – listen here on Spotify

Sams on the Beach, Polkerris. I had my 30th birthday family lunch here on Friday, definitely one of my favourite things for this week.

It was my birthday this week and I am very lucky to have some money to buy myself something special. I’m looking to get a decent speaker for the kitchen, as the Aether Cone that I bought Stu is proving to be somewhat of a disappointment.

Technology generally bores me, I can’t stand wires, if I’m sat and I can see wires I can’t concentrate properly, they make me itch! So quite often I stupidly go with looks over substance. I recently asked friends for recommendations and the Marshall Stanmore came up, which seems to have both looks and performance…

I’m not sure if it’s the one for me though, I’ve read really good things about it, but my head says go with Sonos. There’s no denying the Stanmore is sexy though.

The Sonos doesn’t win sexy points, but I know the sound quality is amazing. What have you got, what would you recommend?

Instagram crushes…

I’ve followed Mamoesjka for quite some time and lose myself in her exquisite interiors regularly. How blummin dreamy?!


Susanna has such an eye for detail, complete house goals right there. I’m in love with her rectangular picture window behind the kitchen sink.

And finally, my new to me 1950s Ercol sideboard…

I’ll be talking more about this lovely, along with the rest of my Ercol collection, in the not so distant future. This is off to have some tlc next week with Bruce James, so I’ll share more pics once it’s looking it’s total best.


What have your favourite things been this week? Maybe you found some lovely treasure at a Junk shop or carboot or discovered a new song/food?

I always love to hear from you lovely peeps x

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  1. hygge82 says:

    Love your home. Also a fan of London Grammar 😍. My favourite fins this week has to be the cute plant pots from Tkmaxx, they have little cute faces on. x

    1. Thank you very much, I’m actually passing TKMaxx today so I may have to take a look!

  2. verbina says:

    I love our Sonos about 80% of the time. I don’t love our flaky internet which means our Sonos drops out about 20% of the time which is deeply annoying. When working though the whole thing is brilliant. I rarely watch television but listen to music, radio or podcasts permanently. Combined with a Spotify subscription it is brilliant.
    Only real draw back for me is audiobooks are currently almost impossible to play in the UK (I believe it is different in the IS, not that that helps…)

    1. Hi Verbina, thanks very much, this is really helpful. Our internet isnt the best, I’m not sure how much that would affect it…
      I’m super confused now!

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