Interior Fantasies.

If you had a beautiful, large, empty house and the freedom to create what ever you wanted, what do you think you’d come up with?

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I had a dream last night that I owned a French Chateau (no doubt brought on by watching Escape to the Chateau, which I totally love, does anyone else watch it?) Most people have about 6 rooms in a house to think about, but what if you had 45?! Would they all follow a very similar colour palette, one room flowing into the next, or would you use it as an opportunity to explore your wildest Pinterest inspired interior fantasies, taking a big step out of your comfort zone?

I would absolutely explore my dark interior curiosity…

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Distressed walls – ever since visiting an old palace in Morocco, the setting for a fantastic restaurant, I’ve had dreams of owning a period property and leaving some of the walls in their beautifully, slightly dilapidated state. This palace had a mixture of polished plaster walls and others that had years of wear and tear on full show, the patina created fascinating patterns. It was simply stunning.

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Kids space – as much as I love the girl’s bedrooms, we’re restricted by size. It would be so fun to have the freedom to incorporate different levels, play equipment and to really let my imagination run wild, though with 45 rooms to decorate I expect we could spare one or three as a giant playroom.

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One of my long standing interior fantasies is high ceilings, it’s a yearning, to have space for giant light fittings, to not feel squished and restricted. I’ve come to terms with many things in our small 80s end of terrace, but I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the ceiling heights!

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Jungle Room – because why wouldn’t you?!

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Bathrooms – you could have so much fun with the many bathrooms (obviously in my fantasy I have staff to clean them all!)

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I think it’s pretty clear that I’m ignoring some glaringly obvious downfalls to this fantasy, practical matters like the hundreds of thousands of pounds it would cost to buy and renovate such a place. Not to mention a husband who has had enough of work on our little 3 bed end of terrace, let alone a project of this magnitude. But that’s the whole point of fantasies, isn’t it, Escapism. 

I have this imaginary grand house locked away in my mind and every so often I add a splash of paint, a large mirror, a roll top bath and an Aga and snuggle up in those private thoughts. Who’s with me?

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  1. Jane Wheeler says:

    ME !
    Love deep, dark colours ( in the right spaces) and high ceilings, yes oh joy !
    Many find the keeping of and living with the texture and patina of old walls and features in every day spaces uncomfortable. For me it’s the living breathing soul of a building.

    1. Absolutely Janie, maybe one day!…

  2. Ali says:

    Late to the party but Oh yes. We LOVE Escape to the Chateau! Completely addictive. I told my husband everyone needs a Dick (snigger) Strawbridge. He just seems to do everything Angel asks beforehand tea. Amazing (did anyone spot that he also married the couple on last weeks episode!)

    1. I noticed that too! He used to live nearish to me, he once totally perved on me breastfeeding my daughter in a cafe! Oh and a friend trimmed his moustache whilst on work experience at a hairdressers! Small world.
      He does seem to have a very good work ethic doesn’t he, they make a very interesting couple.

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