Simple things, beautiful natural wax candles.

I’ve lost my sharing mojo of late and as such have neglected to write here for a while, I blame the changing season and the energy it seems to take to adjust.

In theory I love Autumn, once upon a time I may have even stated that it was my favourite time of the year, but with miserable wet weather and the daily school run battle with over tired, emotional small people, I can’t say I’m enjoying myself all that much.

Projects that need doing have ground to a halt, mess is accumulating and I’m definitely not on top of things. It’s easy to start feeling stressed, waking up in the mood you went to sleep in, just generally stuck in a funk.


I refuse to dwell in this whingey hole any longer and sometimes all it takes is a small change or a little treat to raise the spirits. My go-to cure is candles and in particular beautifully scented candles that fill my home with yumminess.

I’m forever on the hunt for lovely natural wax candles and until recently TKMaxx was my main source, but frustratingly I’ve noticed a sudden decline in their natural wax selection. I don’t think I could ever go back to regularly buring man-made candles, not with all the nasties they release into the air, plus the scents are usually quite fake smelling, I find they catch in my throat and give me a headache.

So, with this in mind, I was excited to try out some of Dotcom Gift Shop’s candle range and now I’m pleased to say my house smells like warm, fruity, cosy heaven!

I’ve had my reservations in the past about ordering things online that I can’t sniff test first, I can be a little fussy (I’m sure you’re totally surprised by this!) but with combinations such as Grapefruit & Orange and Orange & Cinnamon I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

All of these candles are made using natural/soy wax and unlike some scented candles which don’t smell as great when lit, these do not disappoint. I love the apothecary style glass bottles too, they would make brilliant Christmas presents (apologise for using the C word!).

Ok, so candles alone can’t completely change your mood/mindset, but it’s a really good place to start, there’s something very calming about watching a flame flicker, the light it gives off warms your soul, they calm the girls and can make a mundane meal feel more special.

I need to focus on the things I have look forward to this month, Eula, my tiny little baby, is turning bloody 4 next week, how on earth has that happened?! Then the following week (half term) I’m swanning off to London for a few days, to gatecrash my parent’s city escape holiday and to attend the Amara Interior Blog Awards ceremony, which is all rather exciting and daunting! Thank you again to everyone who voted for me, it promises to be a very fun evening. I’m taking my Mum, how funny is that, it’s either super cool, or super uncool, but hey, who cares.

So, what are your little change of season coping tricks? Do you have a favourite natural candle scent, please share, I’m always on the hunt.

A big thank you to Dotcom Gift shop for the kind gift of these candles, but as always, all opinions are my own, I’m always honest and open with you lovely people x

If you’d like to read more about why man-made wax candles are bad for you then take a look at this article here xx

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  1. Geraldine says:

    I have a light box, I don’t use it religiously but it does help me get a spring back in my step. Beautiful pics of the coast help too if I can’t get down to see the real thing!

    1. I have several family members who use lightboxes Geraldine, I keep meaning to look into buying one..

  2. Hello, just discovered your lovely blog! I shall be back! Can I ask where your lovely square white tiles are from? I’ve been searching for some but tricky to find anything other than gloss. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Katharine, thanks for your kind words ❤ The tiles are from The Tile shack, or Tile Shack Direct? They’re 100mm x 100mm matt white x

  3. Yanika says:

    I love the apothecary candle jar! 🙂

    1. Lovely aren’t they 😊

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