Living Room Revamp, setting a plan in place.

The living room has been in a state of disassemble for weeks now, waiting for this and that, but mostly just for me to get more motivated.

This is the room that has possibly benefitted the least from the extension (read lots more about that here). It lost it’s definition and felt a bit like a corridor, a place to pass through to get to somewhere better. This is the difficulty that comes from having two openings in/out of a room, the feel of traffic dividing it, especially when one of those openings is infact an entire missing wall. The kitchen felt released, no longer a dead end, life flows from there out to the garden, but somehow it doesn’t always feel like that in the living room, it can make it very difficult to place furniture too. 

We had intended on having wood and glass dividing doors, but when it came to measuring up I realised I didn’t want to compromise the sense of flow and so accepted that the living room may just always feel a bit disjointed. I dream of putting a window on the outside wall, but it’s an expense that just can’t be justified anytime soon, if ever.

I really liked the vintage Tapley wall units that were on the outer wall, but even when they went up it didn’t cure the feeling that it was all just wrong, the fire was almost behind you, the thing that should be the focus, not the ugly TV.

As the change of season approached it was actually Stu who said he wanted to move the room back around to how it used to be, when the woodburner was first fitted and really I couldn’t argue, he was right.
So we got as far as taking down the wall units, making some big ugly holes when removing brackets, rejigging what furniture we had, then everything ground to a halt as the girls returned to school and I felt confused as to where I was heading.

Where I went wrong was that I hadn’t created a moodboard at the beginning, perhaps because I was caught off guard that Stu would actually insist on a room change, he usually rolls his eyes at me and tells me I’m mad when I annouce that it’s all change for a room he feels is completely finished! Moodboards and Pinterest are my usual go-to tricks, to brainstorm ideas and looks, to get a feel for the room, but I was distracted and to be honest a bit disinterested.

Once I got my hands on the beautiful Ercol sideboard I felt more inspired, but still, it wasn’t until last night that I finally got around to putting my thoughts and ideas down in one place, albeit a very crudely done collage, in bed, way past a civilised creative hour.

As ever I want to stay relatively neutral, the main pieces are all from a muted pallete, this ensures that I don’t go off something too quickly! But this was also somewhat dictated by the chance circumstances in which the Stocksund sofa and chair came into my possession (more about that another time). Pops of colour here and there, layered texture and pattern to add interest and a cosy feel. I’ve missed the woodburner off, but that’s a key feature of this room, one of it’s best details.

The biggest realisation I have had is that whilst I’m forever trying to create a sense of space in this house, what the living room really needs is a new definition. Because we now have the lovely Ercol daybed in the extension, the living room is no longer the only place to sit and relax, the daybed is where I find myself in the day, the living room is now the winter room, the heart of the home, at the centre, the woodburner creating a snug, womblike feel.

Details –

1. La Redoute Eppaloc cushion 2. La Redoute Navanita Macrame wallhanging 3. IKEA Stocksund sofa 4. Frida Kahlo portrait,

I feel like progress is being made now and hopefully things will be coming together in there soon, I can’t wait to share with you once it is.

What’s your planning process for a room, do you collage and moodboard or are you a wing it kinda person? I’d love to hear from you x

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