Blooms and Babes with 3acre Blooms.

I had such a fun morning today with some lovely ladies, a much needed treat after the worst night in years, Nancy and Eula clearly conspired to tag team throughout the early hours, resulting in me having less than 3 hours broken sleep. Have kids they said, it’ll be the best thing you do with your life they said. I want to know who this they are as I need to have words!

Anyway, only being 45 minutes late to school was a small miracle, one child deposited, the other more than a little unsure about trying something new, but I needed some creative adult time, what better than meeting the lovely Emily and Lucy, sisters who together are the creative force behind 3acre Blooms and enjoying some flower faffing and cake.

Initially Eula was like velcro, not leaving my side, but after a while she warmed to the idea of kids crafts and eventually I could peel myself away. It was so lovely to focus in on a small project, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, a good chat with some like minded Mums, whilst our little people focused on their own projects.

All the natural materials we used are from the 3acre Bloom cutting garden, surrounding hedgerows and it was so calming and lovely to get really stuck into the changing season, the bright colours of Spring and Summer may have passed, but there is so much beauty in the warm, rich Auntumnal tones of grasses, dried flowers, set against green foliage.

I think the pictures of the cake say more than words could, Oh. My. Goodness. Sooooo delicious, another wonderful Cornish discovery, they were made by Kern, a mobile bakery serving German inspired cake. I will definitely be tracking them down to try some more of their yummy creations.

The beautiful creation of one of the other ladies.

We pottered with making little wreaths at a lovely leisurely pace, open to your own interpretation. Everyone created something individual and beautiful.

This candle smelt like utter heaven.
A 3acre Bloom creation, I’m definitely inspired to try something big…

I fell in love with this gorgeous House of Rym blanket, it would be perfect for the living room revamp…

Sadly we couldn’t stay all day, I really would have if I could. After an unsure start Eula didn’t want to leave either and declared it ‘a very good morning’ as we carried our homemade lovelies to the car.

Her Autumn mobile has been hung up in her room, we had to do it the moment we got home.

I have been moving my little creation around downstairs, I’m not 100% sure where it will end up, but it’s just so lovely to have a kickstart to this season of making, I already have lots of ideas whizzing around my head and Nancy wants to go on a foraging woodland walk at the weekend, so she can make her very own Auntumnal mobile too.

Happy mid week lovelies x

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  1. Ali says:

    Sounds like a lovely place. And that BLANKET! 😍😍 I might just have found a use for my birthday money…

    1. Oooh get it, I know I want it!

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