Outlaw 2017, sharing creative spirit.

Before the summer I was asked if I would like to come along to the November Outlaw Market and run a workshop of some description, the idea excited me and I eagerly agreed, but then realised prepping for it would clash with other commitments, so I had to pull out. However, I could spare the time to go along and see what it was all about for myself and cover it on the blog, and that’s what I was lucky enough to do today with a lovely friend. 

Outlaw events celebrate creative spirit! …a fresh, contemporary take on your usual crafty events and create a fabulous boutique shopping experience full of awesome artisan makers but with a whole host of extra bits on the side.”

…70+ independent creative designers, makers and producers selling a wondrous array of fabulous stuff…”

“…celebrating emerging talent…”

“…the perfect place to start some serious Christmas planning and shopping.”

It was sensory overload to be honest, so many lovely, creative people under one roof, all sharing their individual, unique makes. I took some snaps of my favourites to share with you, I warn you, when I got home and looked through my phone there were more than I thought!

The prize for the happiest stand goes to Going Loopy, serious neon colour popping going on, had Nancy been with me she would have spent all her money here for sure!

I absolutely loved the macrame plant hangers with their neon tails and Sophie, the creative lady behind them was an absolute star, her amazing cardi fitted so well with her stand, but alas she didn’t want to be in shot. Lovely to meet you though x

Esther Connon’s beautiful illustrations caught my eye, this bear amongst Silver Birch was so simple and yet so wonderful. I bought a little card for Nancy’s birthday which I plan to frame as it really reminds me of her…

Sparke & Hammer lighting We stood here for a fair while just basking in the warm glow of these lights. It’s always fun to see someone create new things from old.

I egged my friend Kirsty on to turn the tap and it actually made the bulb dim to off and then fade back up to fully lit. Ingenious!

I totally fell in love with these little pots by Julia Crimmen. It’s the little feet, that make them.

The whole point of buying from crafts people is that you’re supporting the thing that makes them happy, it’s inspiring to see someone making a living from their passion. You get to take something extra special home, something that generally has much more meaning behind it than throwaway purchases from high street chain stores. It’s easy to become so detached from the make process. It was lovely to see Lovemia.co had brought her much loved loom with her, you could clearly see the start of her make process, leading to the end product, her beautiful cushions and textiles, amongst other things.

Hands up who is a bit unhealthy addicted to notebooks and stationary? I know I am!

Miel’s beautiful pastel shades and modern designs really stood out and would definitely make fab Christmas presents and stocking fillers, wink, wink! They’re a pretty new brand from what I can tell, but give them a follow over on Instagram so be kept in the loop, their online store is coming soon.

Emporium of Illumination is run by a husband and wife team and Kirsty, one half of that team, is also responsible in part for Outlaw. She’s done such a great job organising a great event and also exhibiting her colourful lampshade wares.

It’s so lovely to bump into people you follow on Instagram (and who follow me *blush!*)

Katy Pillinger first came onto my radar a few years back at the Bedruthan Modern Makers fair, her colourful, cheery designs can’t help but get your attention.

A perfect gift for the plant lovers out there who struggle to keep the real thing alive! Aren’t the colours just wonderful.

Libby Ballard Ceremics was right up my street with her subtle but beautiful glazes and simple shapes. I’m a sucker for a nice handmade mug as you already know!

I had a little chat with one of the lovely ladies behind Spiral Modern Macrame, this was their first show and it was great to get a chance to tell someone how fab their creations are.

I especially loved this dark blue beauty and have regrets not buying it!

Oh these lamps! Just so much love for Torneado and wood, my photos don’t do these creations justice, the individual character of each piece, so simple in design, but so much care and thought has gone into the making process. I had a little chat with Carl about his process of design, how the bulb he uses influences the shape and details and how he loves the little quirks and oddities that the wood provides. And those star bulbs!!!!

Forest & Fawn are a contemporary ethical jewellery and leather design brand and if anyone who is planning on buying me a Christmas present is reading then look no further, I need one of those gold lovelies in my life!!

Or perhaps 1 brown, 1 green and a gold…. that’s not greedy right?

Ruby Cubes was brought to my attention a little while ago by a good friend who is very much in love with Jessica’s wondeful wares, it’s not hard to see why. Said friend has a one of her little baskets hanging in the porch of her lovely Victorian semi detached, it houses a string of hearts and just looks perfect. It was so lovely to meet the face behind the product today and find out Jessica is actually a Scandiland follower, wahoo!

I had a little fondle of this amazing tassle, it was just so super soft!

And finally the lovely Clare Elizabeth Kilgour, another fab lady I first met at the Bedruthan Modern Makers fair a few years back. I’ve followed her on Instagram ever since and I think her jewellery is just so flippin gorgeous.

I may have treated myself to a necklace, because you know, I’m worth it and all that!

Brownie points for simple but lush wrapping, glittery tissue paper and blush pink washi tape, perfect.

My photo doesn’t do it justice at all, I totally love it and it was so lovely to have a chin wag with Clare, she’s a truly brilliant person. Go check her out. Clare is also the gal behind Unit Fifteen, a jewellery, Glass and Mixed Media Creative Hub in Plymouth. She runs/ facilitatea specialist workshops and I definitely need in on some of that creating action!


So there, wow, that was a long one, I hope you’re still with me?!

What’s first on your list for Father Christmas then? So many new people to follow and support, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into Outlaw and perhaps if you’re local and didnt make it this year you will do to one of their next events.

Happy Sunday lovelies.

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  1. Looks fab! And great photos too! I hope you don’t mind me asking but what camera do you use? I’m trying to improve my photography!

    1. Hi 😊Thank you. I just use my phone, it’s a Samsung Galaxy 6. I’m hoping to upgrade soon but would stick with Samsung I think, super impressed.

      1. Wow! I was thinking I needed a posh camera for Christmas! Maybe not! Thanks for replying so quickly x

      2. Absolutely not, it’s so much easier with your phone as you always have it on you 😁

      3. True! I’m also a bit of a technophobe so was dreading learning to use a complicated camera! I can rest easy! Even I can manage my phone. Lol

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