Autumnal wreath – easing into the festive season.

For me I still feel it’s a tad early to be talking properly about Christmas, and yet I’m aware that 6 weeks isn’t actually that long when it comes to planning, ordering and making, but in my mind I need to get Nancy’s 6th birthday done and dusted, next week, before I fully commit myself.

Soon I will write myself a festive list, all the things I hope to achieve in the next month or so, all the activities we enjoy, which are becoming our family traditions, such as going to see the beautiful Christmas garland at Cotehele, the Tudor Father Christmas at Trerice, baking days and making our own wrapping paper.

Thia all said, yesterday I used a spare 15 minutes or so to enjoy some late afternoon fresh air in the garden and to whip up a really simple but lovely Autumnal Hydrangea wreath.

Hydrangeas are all but past it now, but there’s something that’s really lovely about their faded, mottled tones, some may say they’re dying, but I think they’re just showing another version of themselves.

I used a willow wreath I made last year, I removed the gold stars, they felt too much like Christmas for just now, but left the old dried ivy as it would be covered.

This really is such a simple crafty make, simply pinch some Hydrangeas from someone’s garden (if you’re not lucky enough to have them in your own). I do recommend getting permission to help yourself by the way, I’m very fortunate that my In-laws have 3 absolutely massive bushes in their garden, so I have free access to as many as I like.

Then I simply trimmed off the leaves, leaving the stems approx 4 or 5 inches long, popped them between the tangle of willow and wove the stems into the wreath. You can add as many or as few as you like, but I went for a full, stuffed hoop in the end.

It’s only when you get up close that you can fully appreciated the complexity of the colours and patterns, it’s so lovely to celebrate the changing seasons, sat in the garden, as the sun went down and the air cooled quickly, it definitely feels like Winter is setting in.

What season inspired crafts have you been making? Every family has their own traditions, are you busy making in preparation for Christmas?

Our front door doesn’t have anywhere to hang a wreath from, so I pushed a drawing pin into the top, then hung the leather cord from a piece of fishing wire.


Next on my craft to-do list is to make the girl’s advent calendars….more on this soon x

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