Tomorrow the fun really begins, I start the Christmas crafting in earnest, no more questioning whether it’s too soon or not.

But really I’ve already dipped into the creative pool, my quick Autumnal Wreath eased me into the festive season and this week I finished the girl’s Advent Calendar.

I can’t take full credit for this idea, it was in fact Hobbycraft (where the wooden Advent houses are from) that inspired me to sell on our large Ferm Living calendar from last year and decorate our own little house…

As lovely as the Fern Living one was, it was very BIG and a bit overly dominant in our not so big house. I wanted to get back to having the opportunity to make something, a little tradition that started a few years back with a branch and some little wrapped up parcels.

I bought the houses several weeks ago, at £5 each I think they’re brilliant value and the decoration possibilities are endless, they’re now only £4!

I realise I could have given you time to make one yourself, should you feel so inclined, had I posted about this sooner, but this year I have been really conscious of the fact that despite whatever position of influence/inspiration I may have, I still want Christmas to be a special time for the girls. I felt it would spoil the magic for them if they saw these things sooner than ‘the proper time’ and as I work from home and Eula is not in full time school yet there’s no hiding. Perhaps next year, when Eula starts ‘big girl’s school’ I’ll get some things out a bit sooner.

Don’t forget to pin this post and come back to it next year!

I loved the tone of the wood as was, but had decided to go black and so I tracked down some leftover Chalkboard paint.

I won’t lie, painting all those little compartments was a bit of a chore and I did get a bit careless and flick black paint up the gallery wall behind the kitchen table… but I knew it would be worth it so I persevered.

You’ll notice I actually started with 2 houses, 1 each for Nancy and Eula. But the more I thought about it I realised 2 seemed to dilute the specialness and so I decided they would share and I would gift the other to my niece and nephew.

I experimented with the position of the numbers, deciding I preferred the smaller, off centre version (left), so that’s the one I kept. I used a basic gold calligraphy pen and I’ll admit it was a tad tricky writing down into a small box.

The vintage school lockers in the kitchen provide the perfect place to set the scene, I had just cleared this surface of the majority of it’s former inhabitants (plants, a print etc) as it was feeling cluttered. Once Advent has come to an end I will rethink what I want to happen in that area.

The majority of the edible contents were from Lidl, they have such a lovely selection of festive treats this time of year. I have also included some little tokens and tickets on days when a special event is happening, such as visiting Trerice house for a Tudor Christmas experience, watching a performance of The Mousehole cat and the Christmas lights switch on with their grandparents in Mousehole, or visiting the main man himself at Heligan. All of which are forming the foundations of new family traditions, which I absolutely love.

I feel aesthetically it will look better when a little less cluttered, putting 2 of everything in each window made me feel a bit uncomfortable as I don’t like even numbered groupings! But that’s my own little weirdness to try and bury deep down inside, after all, I have 2 children!

I’ve used some of these lovely Dotcom Gift Shop tin candle holders which will be appearing around the house throughout the next month I’m sure. The little bottlebrush trees are from Hobbycraft, but are out of stock at the moment.

The girls are so excited to wake up tomorrow and start their Advent, they’ve been doing a count down to ‘Calendar Day’ all week!

Have you created an Advent calendar this year? Maybe you have something that gets brought out each year? I’d love to hear about your traditions and crafty makes x

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  1. Ella says:

    Love this idea Alice. And I think it’s good to keep these festive things until December! A few years ago my brother and sister in law had a Christmas wedding on 20th December, I made 120 mini stocking favours but some people left theirs behind! I made a few more and tuned them into an advent garland, one for us and one for their first anniversary. I love getting it out each year as it reminds me of their lovely day! x

    1. That sounds fantastic Ella, a special treasure to look forward to getting out each year ❤

  2. Love what you did with them, such a stylish calendar! Not sure my chocolate would hang around until the 24th with it on display!!! The intrigue of the little parcels though I love. xxx

    1. Hahaha, mine amazingly leave them alone!

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