O Star of wonder, star of night…

My Autumnal wreath came to an end last week and it was time to replace it with something a little more Christmassy.

I had this metal star, bought from Hobbycraft, in my box of tricks and a lovely lady had just dropped off a bag of beautiful Eucalyptus for me, she answered my plea on a local selling page for anyone with a tree in their garden and a bit spare. Anyone else as in love with Eucalyptus as me? Isn’t it just the loveliest? I’ve got 2 baby trees in the garden, I hope in a year or two I’ll have enough to start cutting from them.

Also in my box of tricks were some pinecone decorations and wire, everything I needed for a super quick and simple wreath.

I made a little corsage type arrangement, wiring the pinecone and Eucalyptus together. This was then wired onto the star and that was that, it couldn’t be more simple!

This would look lovely as both an indoor or outdoor decoration, you could use Holly, or any other greenery you can forage.

Unfortunately it would seem Hobbycraft are sold out of this bargainous £3 black star, but there are lots of alternatives out there. I love this brass option from Grey September

Happy Wednesday lovelies x

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