O Christmas Tree…

I’d planned on waiting until this weekend to get our tree, it felt like it was too soon, but with the weather being so questionable at the moment we (well more like I) decided to take advantage of the patches of sunshine on last Saturday. Typically the moment we committed (told the girls what was happening) it started to rain!

Fortunately it cleared once we reached our destination, Logs n Coal at Trevithick Farm, Newquay. It’s the second year we’ve bought from here and it feels like a little tradition is being born. Part of that tradition is my husband complaining the whole way there about how much it will cost, stating that there is a ‘perfectly nice one’ in the attic. He refers to a scraggly plastic thing that I banned the moment we spent our first Christmas together. I come from a real Christmas tree upbringing, we all have our own Christmas expectations and the tree is prime position at the top of my priority list, no compromise!

The girls were super helpful, getting in the way of the other tree inspecting couples, shouting Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer at the top of their lungs and attempting to find a tree for themselves round the corner. Eula asked if she could have a wee behind the barn, at least she was polite enough to ask I guess. Nancy did prove to be a good tree support though, so I could stand back and take them in from all angles, no-one wants a bare back or a scraggly bottom do they!

However, I wasn’t happy, compared to the year before they all seemed rather battered, like they’d been treated poorly. People came, picked one and left, perhaps 10 people (some didn’t even look at more than one?!?!?!) by the time I decided none fitted the vision in my head. I informed Stu we would have to go elsewhere, you can imagine how happy he was about that. Just as we were leaving though the owner spotted me and gave me a look which said he’d seen my kind before. I was honest and said I couldn’t find a single one without some defect that bothered me, he laughed, rolled his eyes and told me to follow him…

Up we went to a field with a closed gate, he told me to take a look in there instead and left us to it. To my delight this was clearly where all the big, fat, juicy beauties were being kept, I’m not sure where they were destined for, but I knew one of these would be coming home with us, as well as a fair amount of mud too.

Big, chubby beauty chosen, paid for and stashed in the van, it was time to get to the beach and let the girls burn off all the excesss excitement and energy that had been brewing.

Last year we headed to the same beach (Fistral) for an unplanned frolic and I wished I had had the forethought to bring a hot drink, this year I was on top form with hot chocolate and squirty cream.

How lovely is this hand thrown mug I got at a Charity shop for 50p…

I love the beach in Winter, you have less expectations, the colours are more bleached out, the seascape more lively and moody, a peep of blue sky is an added bonus. The wind was blowing into our faces, but still Nancy and Eula freed themselves of their wellies and ran head-on into the waves, Eula would have been naked in an instant had I not done some negotiating with her to keep her coat on, it was only 8°c!

The trick is to exit the beach whilst they’re still having fun, before the hypothermia sets in, I missed that window this time, too engrossed in my hot chocolate, and so as they realised they could no longer feel their feet and the warm, chocolatey treats were gone, cue the tears and tantrums. It wouldn’t be a family day out without it though, would it? Home we went.

And what a beauty we ended up with, my most favourite tree to date, look at that shape. This, people, is what being fussy gets you! The photo I posted on Instagram has had such an unbelievable response, I was so tempted to leave it bare, perhaps just some lights, but there was no convincing the girls of this idea.

Did you see my post last week about my Christmas Tree decoration top pick? If not come take a look.

I’ll talk more about decorating in a few days, but for now I’ll leave you with this evening’s snug, festive scene.

Happy Sunday lovelies x

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  1. Shelley says:

    I’m not sure if it is the species of pine or the fact that they are not over-pruned, but I love the natural sparse areas on your tree. Where I am in the U.S. the trees are so dense that the ornaments seem to just lay against the outside of the tree. I took inspiration from your tree and hacked out a fair number of branches off our tree and I’m very happy with the result! And bonus: I have all these branches to make other decorations from!

    1. You’re right Shelley, you definitely need some empty areas to allow for the decorations. Hello from the US, I’m glad you’ve come up with a solution 😁

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