Cosy Christmas by candlelight.

Hey, guess what, I’m going to talk about candles again! Some may say I’m a stuck record, but with the days so dull at the moment, we just have wetness and gale force winds here in Cornwall, none of the white wonderland magic I’ve seen further up country, life definitely requires some brightening up.

I wanted to share with you some special candle holders and candle related things, it’s definitely not too late for some extra Christmas shopping and what better than something that will bring a smile to a loved one’s face and a little glow of warmth to their life? And don’t forget about yourself, what about a gift to yourself too? Stick with me and I may well be able to bring Christmas a bit early…

dot.home sent me their beautiful modular candle holder as a congratulatory gift, for my Amara Interior Blog Awards win. How lovely was that? I was really excited to discover that the one candle holder can actually take on many forms. Each wooden part comes off, attached by magnets to the metal plate, so you can reconfigure to suit your mood and need.

Photo credit – dot.home

You can even use them separately so the one candle holder becomes three.
Simple but very clever. Go take a look at some of dot.home‘s other modular designs, they focus on quality, longevity and sustainability.

You know me, I love to champion independent, small businesses and makers, and so I’m excited to share some real treasures with you here. I enjoy discovering new brands and the wonderful designs creative people come up with.

One of my followers brought Windmill Pottery to my attention and Anna’s beautiful, individual candle holders really caught my eye.

Photo credit – Windmill Pottery

I love to use pops of pink in my decor and so these little half dipped pink numbers really spoke to me in particular, there’s something a bit Party Ring-ish about them, don’t you think? The glaze is thick, but milky in tone… like icing…

Such a beautifully simple design, executed to a really wonderful standard. Each one has it’s own quirks and differences, which makes a collection of them all the more interesting. Her bowl style holders are beautiful also, they could double up as a ring dish. I love the little windmill stamp, visible on the little pink number above.

Simplicity is something that really appeals to me in design. Dotcom Gift Shop’s little Zinc candle holders are the perfect mini gift, perhaps you don’t have a big budget, maybe you’re putting together a hamper of beautiful treats and need some small additions…

Photo credit – Dotcom Gift Shop
Dotcom Gift Shop

They’re inexpensive, lightweight, easily stored away when not needed. Lovely.

I’ve been a little obsessed with beautiful Mid Century Danish candle holders and regularly stalk eBay to try and find a bargain, but time and again I’m massively outbid. I also question whether the darker tones of teak would suit my decor. So a few weeks ago I approached Langhouse, the Carpenters who made my lovely Birch Ply kitchen cupboard. I had seen some of Hugo’s wood turning work on their Facebook page, granted it wasn’t quite my own style, but clearly the skill was there. So I asked if he could make me some MidC inspired candle sticks. Look at the wonderful results…

It’s quite a special thing, working with a craftsperson, seeing an idea brought to life. These Norwegian Pine candle sticks are pure perfection with their curvy shape, grain patternation and super smooth finish. Aren’t they beautiful as a trio? …they work just as wonderfully individually.

Hugo also made this pair in Tulipwood and when I saw them in his workshop I just had to have them.

These are actually going to be my Christmas present from my husband, how thoughtful of him right?! (In truth he didn’t know anything about them beforehand!) I took some quick sneaky pics to share with you before suggesting he wrapped them up. You can order from Langhouse until the 19th for orders posting out on the 21st. I suggest getting in earlier than that though, to avoid disappointment, in case they’re inundated, which they should be because they are just the loveliest things.

And finally, what’s the use of a beautiful candle holder without something to hold?
I’m a massive advocate for using natural wax candles, they’re so much healthier for you and your environment. I have a particular love of Bees wax candles, they smell absolutely gorgeous and their warm tones look beautiful within the home.

Bees House sell wonderful candles at a really great price, an important detail for me, as my candle burning obsession soon adds up. They are a family run business in Kelme, Lithuania and have been caring for their bees and making candles since 2010, supplying them all over the world. I was fascinated to learn that you can only harvest 1kg of wax per Bee hive, per year, so that gives you some idea of how labour intensive it is to produce these candles en masse.

They burn brilliantly and as I said before the smell is just so wonderful, you can see them in pretty much all my photos that feature candles ♡

You can find their products for sale on ebay, they have various listings for different numbers of candles, take advantage of the ‘make an offer’ option.

You can buy them here.

☆☆☆☆☆☆ GIVEAWAY ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Now, as I said before, it’s definitely not too late for some extra Christmas shopping, so pop over and support these brilliant companies/ makers/ creators, but how about an exciting festive giveaway to spread some love?

How do you fancy winning all of this?…

☆dot.home candle holder (pick your own wood type and coloured metal plate)

☆2x Windmill Pottery candle holders

☆Bees Home candle bundle

☆Dotcom Gift Shop Zinc Willie Winkie candle holder

☆Dotcom Gift Shop Angel rotary tealight holder

Max Benjamin Ilium 715g candle – this is a last minute addition, a wonderful injection of luxury to this amazing prize bundle. Max Benjamin is a family run, Irish company, focusing on making luxury natural fragrances.

This prize bundle has a combined value of over £200, wouldn’t that make a nice early Christmas present?

And stay tuned for another exciting giveaway next week when I’ll be gifting a trio of Langhouse candle sticks to someone very lucky.

Head over to my Instagram or Facebook to find out how to be in with a chance to win and make sure you’re following me to get updates.

Happy Wednesday lovelies and good luck.


A big thank you to all the wonderful crafts people and brands who have so kindly contributed to this post ♡


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  1. all lovely so hard to chose just one but I like the willie winkie candel holder

    1. Aren’t they cute ❤❤

  2. Carol says:

    Beautiful holders. You are so talented!!

    1. Thanks Carol, it’s the makers who deserve the credit though, they are the talented ones ❤

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