Christmas table inspiration.

I thought I’d share some of my Christmas table inspiration, I have a thing with perusing table scapes on Pinterest, it feeds my love for beautiful crockery, lovely glasses and general faffing and prettifying. Add in a sprinkle of Christmas and I’m in heaven. For me, this year, it’s all about bringing the outside in, using what’s on offer to us in our own gardens and keeping a keen eye on the hedgerow whilst out on country walks.

My Scandinavian Home always crops up in my browsing, Niki Brantmark is an authority in Scandinavian styling. Look at this beautiful, rustic table setting, I’m completely in love with the crumpled, washed linen table cloth and calm, natural tones.

Images – My Scandinavian Home

I was desperately trying to get my hands on this amazing H&M Pine needle print table cloth, because, well look at it!

Image – H&M

Unfortunately everyone else in the world wanted it too, so I had to admit defeat. Perhaps you managed to nab one?

Bringing natural elements into the home goes hand in hand with Christmas for us, hanging a branch above the table is a pretty simple but very effective addition, there are endless options for decorating.

Image – Neptune
Image – Nyde
Image – Dear Designer

Decorating a table with greenery can be a relatively inexpensive or even free option, and it looks so beautiful and fresh.

Image – Want That Wedding
Image – Nordic House

It will come as no real surprise that candles feature heavily in my idea of the perfect Christmas table.

Image – Vicki Grafton Photography
Image – Murlifestyle – Instagram

I buy my Bees wax candles from Bees House, who only sell on eBay, you can find them here. Don’t forget to take advantage of the ‘make an offer’ option on the listing ♡

I can’t wait to have some fun with table decorating this year. Whilst we are not actually at home for our main Christmas meal, there is still breakfast to enjoy, the girls absolutely love it when we go all out and create a beautiful setting. I’m also chief table dresser at my parent’s house, so no pressure!

Here’s a little snapshot of the table details from a few years back, vintage table cloth, napkins hand embroidered by my Great Granny, placemats that have been in the family for generations ♡♡

This was a rushed table as the girls were much younger and I was distracted. I’m looking forward to using these details again to create something better this year.

Our Christmas breakfast table last year was thrown together in about 2 minutes, as I’d been up half the night with one child or the other. But this Nutella Christmas Tree tear + share needs little tarting up.

Which is your favourite idea? How do you decorate the table in your house? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Sunday lovelies x

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