The Decorated Tree.

Last week I shared with you our family Christmas tree buying traditions, but left you with the naked tree. Now it’s time for the decorations.

I like to think I’m pretty good at taking snaps of our home and the details within, but certain things are just beyond my limited skill set. Photographing decorated Christmas trees is on that list and I find it so frustrating. I can never capture how it truly looks, in real life, perhaps that’s why I prefer it bare?!

But anyway, I’ve done my best.

First things first, lights.

Being the kind of person who over thinks everything and can get a tad obsessive about details, tree lights have bothered me for years. It’s the wires, I can’t help but wonder why we take such beautiful, natural things and cover them in dark plastic wires, which remain visible, no matter how many decorations are added after. So this year I decided to use beautiful copper wire lights and I will never ever be going back.

They have such a beautiful glow, they’re weather proof, if one bulb goes the rest continue to work, the copper wire looks like a lovely addition to the tree, as opposed to something that detracts from the beauty and they are so easy to pack away. No frustrating tangles. I bought mine from Amazon. This isn’t a sponsored link, I just want you to have beautiful lights too!

The lovely Ferm Living tree skirt has been on my want list for a few years, but this was the year I decided to treat myself. I bought it online from Life Story, a beautiful Edinburgh based lifestyle store. The tree was fatter than I intended though and had it been placed centrally onto the skirt you’d have hardly seen it, so I set the tree back a bit, something that did feel totally wrong, but once the presents are down you can’t tell anymore.

Next up, candles, surprise, surprise!

Both these beeswax tree candles and clip on holders were from eBay, they make such a lovely traditional addition. To the super safety conscious, don’t worry, they aren’t lit and left, they look beautiful as they are and then I light them for a little while, so we can sit and admire for a time.

The clip on holders are so versatile, I’ve used them to make a hanging candle holder (…and no, it doesn’t affect the wall, it’s far enough away)…

And I also plan to use them to clip onto a wreath to make a table centre piece.

I bought a bag of Potpourri in a charity shop a few months back, I couldn’t resist that many pinecones for 50p and knew they would be needed at some point. Using a little wire I made some super simple decorations with them.

I wasn’t certain about my ‘theme’ for this year’s tree, I explored some decoration ideas in a post I wrote a few weeks ago, which you can see here. But in the end a spur of the moment purchase in Homebase made up my mind.

I’m a sucker for pink details and fell for these vintage style glass baubles whilst on a rather stressful shopping trip with 2  children. I bought 2 boxes and so my colour pallette was decided.

I also bought a little vintage glass bauble bundle from the lovely Kristy of Vintage Pleasure, check out her Instgram ♡♡

The very lovely Mon Pote sent me this totally fabulous Beluga Whale, after it featured in my Tree Decoration Top Pick, we’re a little bit in love with him ♡

Our star, whilst not the Ferm Living one I lust after, is still pretty lovely. Bought from Tkmaxx last year, it does it’s job beautifully.

Eula, our youngest, wasn’t quite sure about the whole Christmas thing last year, it went over her head I think, but she’s fully tuned in this year and it’s so lovely to see their excitement build. Every morning when we turn the tree lights on it’s like they’re seeing it for the first time. This is the second year of having a Christmas with the extension, which means enough room to have a big tree and not sacrifice half a room for it, it’s still a novelty that I don’t think will ever wear off.
We decided on this position for it this year as I love how it really feels like a part of 2 rooms.

Christmas morning, with the fire blazing, the girls taking it in turns to hand out the gifts, I can’t wait!

Happy midweek people, I hope your Christmas plans are coming together nicely? School’s out for us, wahoo!


For those who may not have read it, there’s lots more about our extension here.


Oh, I almost forgot to share a little tip a friend told me… water your tree with very warm water and it keeps the sap flowing, thus giving you a happier, healthier, less droppy tree for longer. Stu fashioned a funnel for me, that’s true love right there people! ♡

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