Christmas Stockings and things.

It’s Christmas Eve and all the planning and buying and build up is coming to frution. It’s the creating that I love most about Christmas, the chance to justify sitting down and spending half an hour weaving foliage into a ring, just as important, in fact much more so than the 3 loads of dirty washing sat neglected, ignored. Or the fact it’s dinner time, but you’ve chosen to bake a cake as opposed to a meal for the family!

This year, however, I decided to rein in my creative visions and put a little less pressure  on myself. Pinterest has a lot to answer for, taunting me with all it’s festive inspiration. But the one thing I was determined to do was make the girls stockings.

It was my intention to make them from scratch, my sewing skills at least stretch far enough for this task, but, whilst in Hobbycraft last month I found these blanks for £1 each, so I decided to make my life even easier and go with those.

I increased the easy factor by ordering some stamps from Noolibird, I have postponed my plans to make some of my own until the new year. My Dad runs Lino Printing Workshops, so I will hopefully employ his skills and tools to create a lovely little collection for myself. But for now Noolibird’s lovely selection came up trumps with the perfect tree shape.

My design plans were heavily influenced by Junkaholique’s beautiful stockings from a few years back. I’d had an image of them pinned for quite some time and just totally adored their homemade beauty. Artemis’ creations are far superior to my own though, which is to be expected as she is a wonderful artist and maker. I think I see the stockings I have made as a practice run, something I may redo, make from scratch, one day in the future.

I have this lovely little stamp set, bought to make name cards for our very homemade wedding several years ago…

I did some experimenting and realised the white fabric paint didn’t print as well as I would have liked on the fabric, so I decided to just go for black lettering and black trees.

Laying out my pattern.

The letter stamps were smaller than my ideal, larger would have suited the size of the stockings better, so I decided to use the girl’s middle names too, initially just for aesthetics, but I really love that detail now, it’s rare that middle names are really mentioned these days I find and the girls are so proud of them.

I spent an hour or so sewing on little stars, half looking at what I was doing, half watching Outlander (my slightly unhealthy obsession!)

The girls are completely thrilled with them, I wrapped them up and popped them under the tree. They opened them after a much needed bath this evening and couldn’t wait to place them in their rooms.

Nancy made Father Christmas a little gift at Heligan last week, she’s a real sweetie.

Right, I’m off to make a Chocolate Spread Christmas tree and pancake mix for our Christmas morning breakfast, have a happy rest of today and a wonderfully magic day tomorrow. ♡♡♡

My two have been informed that Christmas doesn’t exist before 7am, but I can’t wait for when we can all open our stockings together in my bed, my mum *cough*, I mean Father Christmas, still brings me one too ♡♡♡

Don’t worry, there are much better things than Eucalyptus destined to fill these pretties up!

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  1. Gretchen says:

    CAnt find an address or phone number for the Scandinavian boutique on Eastern in Henderson NV. ?????

    1. I’m sorry Gretchen, I’m sorry, I’m not sure where you mean, I’m in the UK x

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