Inbetween time.

We’re in limbo land, the inbetween time, Christmas has passed, the New Year and that feeling of a fresh start approaches, but it isn’t here yet. It’s a funny time, you lose track of the days, there’s still loads of sweet treats in the house, so if you have the same amount of willpower as me you’re still completely overdoing it on the food front. 

This year I’ve really enjoyed the holidays. I always love the build up, the excuse to make and create and share, but quite often the main day itself is a disappointment. But this year I lowered the pressure on myself and my great expectations and just went with the flow.

Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty  of seasonal strife too, when excitement is running high in small children it’s to be expected, but the lovely thing about writing a blog is I don’t have to dwell on that. When I look back on my ramblings here I want to remember the rose tinted version of things, that’s the beauty of poetic license.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite snaps, some that have been seen, others that have not, to draw this chapter of the year to a close.

Willow stars, Trerice

the start of my Eucalyptus wreath for above the table…
I may never take it down!
I made these Angel wings a few years ago, using print outs of a stone Angel sculpture I found online, then highlighting certain areas with glitter. They get so many comments about them, I think they’re beautiful.

The Christmas Pageant, I got roped in to filling in for an absent Angel.

Boxing Day…

Christmas Day at my parent’s

So that’s all the looking back done, for now.

Next up, looking forward, towards 2018 and what I hope to achieve with a brand new year.

Enjoy these last days of the year and thanks for all your love and support these last 12 months ♡♡♡

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