A quick and cheap Kitchen drawer hack.

Evening all, so yesterday on my Instagram Stories I shared a quick kitchen drawer makeover. From cluttered, chaotic hell to lovely ordered bliss.

I was inundated with messages from people who watched, it’s reassuring to see how many of you get your kicks from labels and compartmentalisation too!

Insta Stories only last 24hrs (I forgot to add it to my highlights) and today many of you have been asking me questions, so I thought I’d pop some of the videos and pics on here. I don’t usually do videos, so I hope it works!

As I said in the first video I bought the tubs from B&M, they’re actually £1.99 each and are similar to the IKEA Kuggis, but smaller.

Drawers are by far the most efficient way to store things in the kitchen, if I had my way we’d have replaced all our lower cupboards with them, but as we were on a tight budget it made more sense to simply replace the doors and keep the original carcasses. You can read more about our kitchen makeover here.

The drawers that we have definitely haven’t been working their best for us, so it was quite a relief to finally get around to sorting them.

Piles and piles of things, many multiples, quite often both open and part used. Impossible to read the labels on jars, so come cooking time the inevitable endless search for the desired spice.

Watch the next video, can you believe so much could fit into 2 relatively small drawers?! Oh and I would just like to add that I was already listening to James Brown and the perfectly timed topical lyrics happened purely by coincidence, what are the chances?!

I combined duplicates, downsized several large jars, got rid of the 4 year old Greek Salad herbs that had never even been opened!! I’m not a fan of food shopping and it usually happens spur of the moment, so I rarely make a list (despite making lists for everything else!) That’s probably how we ended up with over 9kg of Basmati rice!
What I was left with made my day, maybe even my week!

I used cheap stickers from The Range to label my spice jars. A few are missing as they were in stupidly large jars and will need decanting into smaller ones, and I’ve just this moment noticed I still have 2 jars of Cloves, I mean who needs 2 jars of Cloves in an entire lifetime?!?! But how much more accessible and user friendly do they look now?

Yes sticking the labels on some of the jars that have pop open tops means you can’t open them like that now, but they usually get all clogged up and annoying anyway, don’t they, so I’ll go straight for unscrewing the entire lid instead.

Pasta, Rice, Pulses, Noodles, Crackers, all much more clearly displayed, hopefully this will cure my duplicate shopping. I’ve challenged myself to not buy anything, aside from fresh produce, for a few weeks and to see what meals I can come up with using the contents of this drawer. I have a fair bit of Quinoa that needs eating to free up some space and tbe aforementioned 9kg of rice!

In total this little tidy up has cost me £20 and we’ll reap the rewards forever more.

I’m contemplating changing the cupboard to the left into drawers also, it’s full of our tins and cereal boxes and now that the right hand side is so organised, it now looks awful in comparison!

I hope this is helpful, perhaps it will spur you on to sort out an area that’s been causing you stress. I bought all the tubs the store had, but will be checking for more as the bathroom is crying out for them and they’d be perfect for the craft area.

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  1. Faye says:

    Love this…. would appreciate any tips of cupboard organisation mine just falls out on me every time I go to get something 😡 Don’t think the boxes would work

    1. Hi Faye, thank you. Cupboards, hmmm, mine are a work in progress! I’ll let you know 😉😂❤

  2. Where are your man ceiling lights above the worktops from please?

    1. Hello, I made them using components from Creative Cables

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