Two new books I love and why I may not keep them forever, amongst other things.

I rarely buy books new these days, or even at all. I used to have quite a collection, book shelves that took up most of the living room walls, but one day I woke up and something had changed in me, they didn’t make me happy anymore, in fact they caused me stress. So I sold or donated about 95%, only keeping those I would definitely read again, recommend to a friend or had some kind of special relevance to me.
I’m far more likely to buy one in a charity shop these days, donating it back once I’m finished, or borrow from the Library. I used to get attached to them, I felt I had to own the stories I was reading, but now I’m happy to borrow, or temporarily own and then pass on for someone else to enjoy.

This said, every so often I treat myself to something that I’ve been lusting after, something I’m still thinking about, longer than just the initial attraction to a pretty cover in the book shop, something worth more than a quick flick through.

This month that’s The Kinfolk Home, Interiors for Slow Living, by Nathan Williams and Fine Little Day – Ideas, collections and interiors. I couldn’t decide between the two, so decided just to treat myself.

I get asked quite often for gift ideas and recommendations (one day I’ll get around to writing more about that), but for now these books are a definite yes. I’d be over the moon to receive these, to browse their inspiring images, absorb the stories they have to tell.

Fine Little Day is about the woman behind the brand, a brand that I completely adore.

….need I say any more?! I was sold at the point of reading the blurb, wait until you start turning the pages.

This gallery wall is the stuff of my dreams!

Now, let me make this clear, this isn’t a book review, simply an opportunity to share something that I’m loving with you, perhaps as a helpful suggestion as a gift, to yourself preferably, I love that type of gifting!


I actively seek out inspiration, in these modern times so much of that comes from a screen, Pinterest and Instagram taking over, I find I get distracted, my train of thought fragments and I can end up feeling overwhelmed. For me, these two books offer the chance to take some time out, away from my computer or phone, to absorb someone else’s inspirations and story. If I’m in a ‘I can’t concentrate’ mood I can flick through the beautiful images, but when I want to go deeper into it then they are both beautifully written.

A little snapshot of my own slow living.

The Kinfolk Home takes you on a tour of 35 residences, all of which “reflect some of the key principles of slow living”.

On the surface it’s a book packed with utterly beautiful imagery, but as you read more into each person’s story it shows you that there’s so much more to our homes, interior and design than just looks.

I can’t afford the house of my dreams, it will probably never happen for me, but I love to take ideas from these inspiring interiors and stories and use them where I can.

These books will live here and there in the house, be read and revisted, as and when I have the time for some escapism. I will keep them for as long as they make me happy, but if a point comes where I feel I’ve got all that I want from them, then I will regift to someone else, to pass along the inspiration.

It’s quite freeing to not feel so attached to ‘things’. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy shopping and owning lovely pieces for our home, but nothing stays beyond it having a use or making me happy. To some this seems flippant, to me it just makes sense.

So, in short, I love these books, check them out!

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