Tiptoe Craft Desk Update.

The craft corner is perhaps the most used area of the house, certainly by the girls that is. If we had to get rid of every single toy, as long as the supply cupboard was well stocked, I’m not sure Nancy and Eula would be all that concerned, it’s a very industrious corner, a constant flurry of activity and creation.

I made their original desk from 4 bent Plywood legs, salvaged from an old Esavian school desk, quickly screwed to a piece of ply I had hanging around, which just so happened to be the perfect size. This was meant purely as a mockup, to test all the elements out, but it stayed that way for well over a year!

I loved the simplicity and wood tones, it has served us well, but longevity wise, thinking ahead, it wouldn’t be the right height for long. So I started to look at my options and Tiptoe legs looked like a great solution.

If you aren’t aware of Tiptoe legs yet, here’s a little background info for you, a Crowdfunded business, started in 2015 in Paris. Their simple concept is the type of thing you kick yourself for not coming up with and making your fortune on Dragon’s Den. The idea seems so obvious, but no-one else was really doing it. Furniture that is durable, changeable, semi-permanent.

We dreamed of durable furniture that would have many lives alongside their owners

Matthieu & Vincent, Tiptoe founders.

Image credit – Tiptoe.fr

These legs simply fix to a surface of your choosing by screwing them on, that’s it, no holes made, nothing to permanently change your chosen material. So you can change your mind, adapt and mix it up as much as you like.

I chose the 60cm legs, as these were best suited to a child’s table with longevity, a good height for Nancy, 6 and Eula, 4, but my tall 10 year old niece can also happily sit at it, with room to spare. The chairs are vintage red dot Ercol stacking chairs, bought on eBay. They are some of my favourite pieces of furniture in the house and I think they look great along side the modern style of the Tiptoe legs.

I couldn’t decide on which colour I wanted, but knew I wanted to go quite neutral, so I opted for 2 white and 2 Noir/Ink, so I can switch it up, have a change around when I fancy, but the table sits nicely in it’s surroundings, there’s no risk of me going off them like I may do with a bright colour.

I had intended on changing the top, I considered seeking out a piece of solid wood worktop, or maybe some OSB, which I would sand to make an appropriate surface, but whilst going back and forth on ideas, I realised I actually loved the old piece of ply we already had. It’s totally covered in scribbles, paint splatters, practised writing and to me it’s part of a story, it shows how loved and what an integral part of the family this area is.

It also means I don’t worry when the paints or oil pastels come out, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?! Well, there was that time Eula painted most of her naked body, instead of the paper, but hey, skin can be washed.

The table took about 10 minutes to update and instantly looked at home here in the extension, the industrial feel of the legs fits well with the Ikea PS cabinet and the dark grey of the extension. They’re very solidly made and have a pleasing weight to them. I love the subtle, stylish branding with TIPTOE cut out of the metal.

Rainy day entertainment.

I do sometimes wonder how my children ended up with one of the best corners in the house, but I absolutely love to watch them busily pottering away here, taking inspiration from the fact they are surrounded by garden and sky.

I love the fact that the use for these legs is open ended, one day when this area evolves, as things always do in this house, so too can the table, easily and quickly.

I’m going to be talking more about the craft area in a few weeks time, I often get asked about how I store materials, what the girls have free access to, how storage solutions can help keep order where chaos so often takes over, so stay tuned.

But for now what do you think about the table update? What colour legs would you choose and what would you create? I’d love to hear your ideas ♡


The table legs were kindly gifted to me by Tiptoe, but all opinions are my own.


If you would like to read more about our extension then click on the image below x

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  1. Ella says:

    I love this Alice, those legs are so clever! We have a craft table that the kids can kneel down and use but they are getting a bit bigger now (nearly 3 and 4) so wondering what to do next. Would love a craft post, my son added to our gallery wall by prit sticking his artwork up 🙈 so may have hidden the glue for now! Such a lovely space, lucky girls! x

    1. Hahaha, oh dear! We have a corkboard door to display artwork, which the girls can add to themselves (but I regularly cull!). Stayed tuned for the craft post 😁🤗

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