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It’s no secret that we don’t have any window dressings in our downstairs, I find many options overly fussy and as someone who is very anti-housework I see curtains and blinds as an extra place for dust to settle. We’re fortunate that the back of the house isn’t particularly overlooked and we live in a square, with grass in the middle, so the opposite houses are far enough away to not be peering straight in.

Every so often I receive messages from my readers, asking my opinion on how to achieve this minimal look, but with more privacy. Bare windows definitely aren’t for everyone and for very good reasons too.

When I stayed with my brother in Bristol last weekend, I was sat in his lovely little Georgian flat. It has beautiful ceiling high windows which flood the room with light, but he’s at street level. The bottom windows have a basic frosted window film covering, meaning you can still look up and see sky and the trees, giving a sense of space, despite being in the heart of the city, but people passing by aren’t looking directly at you as you veg out in pjs. It’s the perfect solution, I’ve suggested this option to a fair few people and today I’d like to share some inspiration from The Window Film Company. With their collaborations with well know designers such as Miss Print, Mini Moderns, Jane Foster and Layla Faye (a lovely Cornwall based Designer), they have taken something quite basic and sometimes uninspiring and turned it up a style level or 6. Take a look.

Miss Print – Figs

I’ve been a fan of Miss Print for quite some time, the bold pattern use, their imperfect, non-uniform style is inspiring. Nancy has a piece of Mountains wallpaper framed in her room and it gets so many compliments and questions. So it’s not surprising that it was the Miss Print designs that grabbed my attention most frequently when I was browsing the website.

Miss Print – Chevrons

This kitchen set up is absolutely beautiful, the film doesn’t detract from the room’s details, it creates a beautiful backdrop for that amazing freestanding unit. I could move in immediately. In theory I’d say I’m not a chevron fan, but I think in this case it’s how you use it.

Miss Print – Little Trees

The Little Trees pattern is really fun, I can imagine it in a child’s bedroom, Eula would be thrilled with it. I love the continuation of pattern from wall to window.

Miss Print – Frontier
Layla Faye – Hex

How calm and lovely is this bedroom and who else is rather envious of the bay window/ table set up? We have to shuffle around the edge of our bed, there’s barely room to leave your slippers, let alone indulge in extra furniture. The Layla Faye pattern on the window adds to the sense of calm beauty. It provides privacy when sat/ lying down, whilst keeping the view of the sky, the tops of the tree and a connection with outside.

Layla Faye – Daisy Chain
Kate Farley – Twist
Lindsey Lang – Radiate

I love how a big window looks without curtains, you get to see their full scale and drama. That’s not to say you couldn’t achieve a lovely look using curtains as well, but for me I like things a bit less busy looking. Wooden shutters would be an amazing accompliment though. The little subtle inset rollerblinds (seen above) work really well too.

Mini Moderns – Darjeeling

Since starting to write this post it’s got my mind ticking over, which is always a worrying thing! Eula’s room is quite small, one wall is mostly a large window with a not particularly inspiring view. Some carefully chosen film could really liven up the space.

In the bathroom we have the typical dated textured glass, in this instance leaves. One day, when my bathroom dreams come true (I live in constant desperate hope!) the glass will be replaced and something like the Layla Faye Hex or Mini Moderns Darjeeling could be brilliant. The great thing about using the film is if you change your mind it’s easily adapted. And as many of my regulars know, I do like to change my mind!

It’s also a great way to breathe new life into a less than perfect area of the house, a boring front door, or perhaps a glass fronted cupboard, used for storage, it’s an ideal way to hide the contents.

Have you already used window film for a project, or perhaps you have the perfect place in mind?

I love hearing about your plans ♡

See lots more of the designs on offer here.


This post is sponsored by The Window Film Company, but as ever all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photo credits to The Window Film Co (what totally gorgeous images, don’t you think?) ♡

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    these pictures are so stunning! So bright and colourful, yet simple and minimalistic 🙂

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