Industrial dining with The Hairpin Leg Co.

Our Ply and hairpin legged kitchen table gets a lot of love and compliments, it’s such a simple and easy design to make yourself and I’ve been promising a blog post about it for quite some time, it’s coming, honest, but this isn’t that post. Instead I have something else to share with you…

I’ve worked with The Hairpin Leg Co. before, back in the Summer when we created our huge and fabulous garden table, so when they got in contact and asked if I’d like to have a play with a new style of leg they had, obviously I said yes. I love this kind of project, big results, for much less effort than you might think. Even more so this time as I got my Dad involved.

Rather predictably, or perhaps sensibly, as I know what I like, we went for Birch Ply for the table top. As many of you will know by now, I’m a big Ply fan, it’s such a beautiful material, but I feel it’s still very undervalued by many. I actually went to the Ply exhibition at the V&A when I was in London for the Amara Blog Awards. It was brilliant, I keep meaning to share the snaps I took, the show has closed now, but perhaps you’d still like to see? Let me know ♡

This time around I wanted to create a chunkier table top, compared to our table which is 25mm, to balance well with the thick, industrial legs.

Underside of the bench.

We added a second layer of Ply, to create a 38mm sandwich, this also helps increase the strength in the wood, avoiding any bowing. The bench is reinforced with a metal bar.

I love the warm, pale tones of Birch Plywood, it creates a wonderful contrast with the objects placed on top. It’s also very smooth and tactile.

The overall result is a very striking, industrial look. The table and bench work really well with my Hans Wegner Wishbone replica chairs.

I had lots of fun styling this table within the setting of our kitchen, it’s nice to have a little change around and an excuse to get all the tableware out. And pink Tulips just make everything happy, don’t they ♡

The 75mm Steel box structure legs are really stable and capable of carrying a fair weight, so there are lots of options if you’d like a table with a different material on top, perhaps some reclaimed wood, or scaffolding boards.

It’s been fun creating something big, seeing it through to completion. It’s made me want to revisit our table too and possibly tweak some details, such as the double ply.

You can see more about the table and bench legs here, The Hairpin Leg Company make a huge range of legs, for all different uses, so take a look around their site for more inspiration.

I’ll be talking in more depth about all things tableware soon, but for now I’ve used a mix of Denby and Habitat with H&M washed linen napkins. Our cutlery is vintage, a mixture of my Gran’s and also a bundle bought on eBay. Custom made Langhouse candle sticks, my Christmas present from Stu (which he had absolutely nothing to do with!) and the beautiful Himmeli bead garland which was a gift from GeoAttic.

A big thank you to my Dad for all his wonderful efforts ♡


This post is sponsored by The Hairpin Leg Co, but as ever all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Alice, how much did the table cost? Thanks, Rujina 🙂

    1. Hi Rujina, the legs were gifted to me by The Hairpin Leg Co, but if you were to buy them (they’re in their sale at the moment) plus the ply wood, you’re looking at about £250 x

    2. That’s for the table and bench x

  2. Yanika says:

    What a trendy looking table. Love the flowers and the frames too.

    1. Thank you xx

  3. Gemma Nelmes says:

    Alice, what do you use to treat the plywood?

    1. Osmo Polyx in clear matt. But I think I would use one with more of a sheen next time, to increase wipeability x

      1. Gemma Nelmes says:

        That’s what I was considering.. Is that what you used on your floors? Are they withstanding traffic? I am building a ply cabinet for our bathroom, I looked into varnish but I hate the way it floats on the top of the wood.. I am using Birch ply and don’t want the colour to change too much!

      2. Yes, the same as we used on the floors. Will the cabinet come into much contact with water?
        I recommend sanding the ply, adding the treatment, lightly sand, apply oil again, sand and do a final treatment.

  4. Gemma Nelmes says:

    Partly yes. We are going to be putting a countertop basin on it but the style of the basin hopefully means there wont be much splashing from it onto the cabinet, and then of course standard steam that comes from a bathroom.

    So three coats in total? That sounds sensible! Thanks 🙂 xx

    1. Good luck x

  5. Lucy says:

    Love this table. Please can you give me the dimensions. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lucy, It was 150x75cm xx

      1. …and thank you xx

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Alice, How did you double layer the ply for the table? Did you do the same arrangement as for the bench? Thinking of this to make 2 120 X 60 desk tops which I want to pair with the same legs as you’ve got above but debating whether to use 24mm ply or whether to go with the 38mm you’ve shown above. Also roughly how much is a single sheet of birch ply? I can’t seem to access the price list at Jewsons online.Thanks so much

    1. It was like a border of wood underneath, which helped to add strength too. A sheet is approx £70, you have the buy the lot, then you can have it cut how you like. Sometimes they have offcuts avail too…

  7. Lucy Chadderton says:

    Hoping to make a dressing table using the hair pin legs and ply top. Where did you buy the ply from?

    1. Hello, I usually get the birch faced ply from Jewsons.

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