Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas.

I’ve recently been on the look out for a living room ceiling light, but my search has been rather dictated by our ceiling heights, or rather the lack of. It would seem the majority of attractive lights these days are aimed at those lucky people who have ceilings that you can’t touch, oh for our glorious mottled artex monstrosities to be further from my eyes! If you add in the fact Stu and I are quite tall and that obviously we don’t want to duck every time we pass through the room, then options are quite limited.

I’ve never been a fan of recessed spotlights, I feel they take a bit of character from a room, plus it’s a far too permanent placement decision for my ever changing mind. I wouldn’t discount them entirely, for use in a bathroom perhaps, but as ever these things are down to personal preference.

I reached out to my followers on Instagram and also the ever helpful lovelies over on Housfolk (Facebook) and was asked to share my findings, so here we are.

French Connection Matt Black Triple Ceiling Light, £55 in the sale now.

Image – French Connection

Fuss free, modern, industrial, this bargainous option would look great styled in a contemporary environment, The overall height is 35cm. Totally amazing price too!

Spark and Bell Brass Triple Arm Pendant Chandelier, £158

Image – Spark and Bell

I love this Mid Century style light, it’s simple, classic and would have a lot of impact in a room. The fact you can choose what stem length you would like, starting from 10cm, is a massive added bonus.

Heal’s Joule 2 Pendant Light, £249

Image – Heal’s
Image – Heal’s

This light is utterly gorgeous, with fully adjustable flex cable so you can choose the drop height that suits you.

Light Cookie Stefan Handmade Pendant Light, £93.64

Image – Light Cookie

Industrial, simple in style, this light wouldn’t dominate the room, making a subtle statement.

I recently bought a wall mounted light from Light Cookie I can’t wait to share it with you once it’s in place, some of you may have seen it already on my Instagram Stories. The living room makeover is taking quite some time though, will it ever be done?!

Habitat Astrid, £95

Images – Habitat

Available in white and black, as well as a larger version, the Habitat Astrid was recommended to me by several people. I’ve actually gone for the black one, as once the ceiling is painted dark I think it will suit the room nicely – I didn’t want the overhead light to be too obvious, as for the majority of the time I like to use lamps and candles to create subtle, calm pools of glowing light here and there (more on this soon). But sometimes you just need to put the big light on, don’t you!

Large Habitat Astrid. Image – Habitat

The very lovely Jess Sims, who follows me on Instagram, helped me out with my decision as the white version looks so lovely in her beautiful home. I plan on getting the white for our bedroom, which is also up for a do-over this year, I’m not sure I’ll ever be happy with that room!

Images – Jess Sims

Another way of getting around troublesome ceiling heights is to pull the lighting right down into the room, really making a statement. This is something I’ve done quite a bit in our home.

Here I used an Olli Ella Borneo Net Basket (unfortunately it would seem they no longer stock this one), hanging low over a coffee table I made from an IKEA Stocksund tray and Frosta stool. It’s not finished yet, but I will share it properly with you when it is.

I completely love this BHS Otta Pendant and am trying to formulate a reason to buy it!

Image – BHS

In the kitchen all our lighting is swagged away from the central ceiling roses…

This is such an easy and cheap solution, to me a central ceiling light felt awkward, this Cult Living one (below), which now lives in the hall, is clearly too small for the space, a pendant light shade close up to the ceiling, in an expanse of space, generally looks a bit odd to me. It works far better in the smaller confines of the hall.

The ceiling height feels higher in the kitchen now. All the components for the swagged lights were bought from Creative Cables.

A quick round up of some more options –

1. Spark and Bell 2. Small Globe 3. V Ceiling Light 4. Large Mod Chandelier 5. Aiko Natural

So there you are, a few options to mull over.

Progress in the living room was due to move forward this week, but then the snow came and my child free painting days ended up looking like this…

Fingers crossed I can get my arse in gear next week instead.

Happy Sunday lovelies ♡


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