All the kinds of Mother.

Some of us are Mothers through choice, some of us are Mothers by accident. Some of us would love to be a Mother, but not yet, some of us long to be a Mother, but things don’t always work out like that. Some of us have plans, but being a Mother isn’t one of them. Some of us give birth and become Mothers, some of us take on a life that has already begun, becoming the Mother that was desperately needed.

Some of us have Mothers who are still with us, who we love, who we fight with, who we identify with, some of us have lost a Mother and gained a hole where their presence should be. Some of us became Mothers, but did not get to Mother that child, taken too soon, stolen from this world, depriving that Mother of the joy of watching them grow.

We know all of these types of Mothers, so please remember, what ever your Mother status, whatever choices you have made, or sorrows that have befallen you, decisions taken away from your control, we all need one another to make it through these experiences, to love and cry and build us up so we can carry on ♡

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  1. Lindy says:

    Your piece for Mothers’ Day was absolutely beautiful. So thoughtful and generous spirited.

    1. Thank you Lindy ♡

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