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A week ago I opened my Instagram shop, a place for me to sell my preloved, vintagey and contemporary bits and bobs, some from the around the house, some that I find when I’m out and about. I thought I’d talk a little more about it here today.

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t keep something beyond the point of it having a use, or past it making you happy. I have no problem with enjoying something for a while, then deciding it’s time for it to move onto a new home. Quite often this means a big bag filled up and donated to Charity, many of those things will have been bought from a Charity Shop in the first place, jigsaws and games for the girls for example. I like that the charity gets the money, Nancy and Eula can have fun with their purchases, for a while, then, when they’ve lost their appeal, back they go for someone else to enjoy and the Charity gets to sell them again. Everyone’s happy. But other things I own I know could be loved by someone who shares my appreciation for interesting homewares, so the shop idea was born, a place to share these things with others, so they too can enjoy some treasure. For me it’s about minimising, editing our home, recycling and sharing.

My intention isn’t to make the shop some kind of full time job for me, listing will be sporadic, but I just thought wouldn’t it be great if people could pop on there every so often and stumble across something that makes them smile, a lovely pot for some Spring flowers, a mug that will make their coffee taste that little bit better, all the while helping and encouraging me to edit and streamline our belongings.

But then the shop following went up and up and up, so when I list say 7 items, I’m accutely aware that that’s very little shared between nearly 1000 people! Almost 1000 followers in a week is pretty amazing and I really wasn’t expecting it, i’m trying to bury the fear of disappointing people deep down inside, as I said before, much of the point to this shop is to give me a chance to reduce our belongings, but this means not everything is a super exciting find, essentially I’ve created a poshed up Jumble Sale, then possibly over hyped it!

But all we can do is try new things, test the water and hope someone likes what you’re about. I like the idea of not being reliant on one source of income, it’s more fun having your fingers in many pies, even if they’re very small pies!

Click on the picture below to come see what it’s all about ♡

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  1. Lucy Earl says:

    Hi Alice, It’s Lucy Earl here! We met at Tia’s lovely breakfast at the beginning of the summer and then I went a bit made and bought some baskets and a trug from you! Anyway!! I wondered if I could call you! I am after some mugs….Do you have a number that I can reach you on? xxx

    1. Hi Lucy, lovely to hear from you. Yes, my number is 07411470448. I look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Alice

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